Saturday, September 26, 2009

Megan Fox on SNL tonight! What will Megan Fox say?

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Ok, Megan Fox is hosting the 35th season premier of Saturday Night Live and the question on my mind is what is she gonna say! If it's anything like the Rolling Stone interview, this should be a classic SNL.

Did you see the Rolling Stone talk? If not, here's my review:

Miley Cirus in Sex and The City 2

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A few weeks ago it was rumor that pop star Miley Cyrus was going to be in the sequel to the Sex and The City movie called "Sex and The City 2" but now it is true.

According to Gossip Cop, Cyrus, who caused a stir at the Teen Choice Awards with her stripper pole dance performance, has brief role:

Gossip Cop can confirm that in the current script, Cyrus has one scene, and in it she wears the same dress to a red carpet event that Kim Cattrall’s character buys to look “hot and young.” In the script, Mario Cantone’s character Anthony responds by exclaiming, “Mother of God: She is wearing the same dress as Hannah Montana.”

Michelle Malkin's info caused death threats to be sent to elementary school

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Conservative blogger Michelle Malkin's zealous coverage of the "praise Obama" video issue has reportedly resulted in death threats sent to the principal at B. Bernice Young Elementary School in New Jersey, and last Thursday the school was placed on lockdown as a result.

Blogger-with-the-cool-name Larisa Alexandrovna over at at-Largely writes that

The Malkinites are making wild use of this to get the psychotics all fired up and ready for an attack on... an elementary school:

"The tension at B. Bernice Young Elementary School escalated to such a degree Thursday that the school was placed temporarily on lockdown after its principal received death threats over a YouTube video that showed nearly 20 children being taught songs lauding the president, though back-to-school night events continuing as planned Thursday night at the school."

She got that from Raw Story, which ads that Fox News altered the story to exclude the mention of the death threats issued to the principal. Then, after the action was reported by bloggers, Fox News restored the original text.

Moreover, the angry mob of callers actually phoned the wrong school!

Where was the Malkinite's outrage over the "Jesus Camp" President Bush worship story or the Katrina Kids being told to sing a song of praise of FEMA before Laura Bush? Oh, I forgot, we had a white Republican President in place, so it was ok for the Malkinites to overlook that.


If Michelle, who's a mother, has a compassionate bone in her body, she'll write a blog post that condemns those death threats and tells her flock not to behave in a life-threatening way to others. That's only the right thing to do.

(And on the matter of the "Jesus Camp", Malkinites have repeatedly sent emails which read that the "school is private not public" but they're wrong and miss the point. The school is part of a church that, like other religious institutions, is tax-exempt.  So the Federal Government, in a way, sponsors that organization's actions.)  

Malkin and race

I've gotten emails from Malkinite's on this matter of mentioning race, stating that I'm racist for identifying racist actions (the new conservative dialectic). But here's the problem: Malkin has said and wrote some pretty racist statements and has a way of framing blacks and minorities in a way that diminishes them. Yes, including Asians.

Malkin has said that Japanese internment "was a good thing" and Gawker recalls her rather "vile" interview with Matt Lauer on The Today's Show.

Malkin's work is - to this day - published at "" and one can even email her from that site - if they read the stuff.

What is

According to Alex Koppelman in The Huffington Post, VDARE is a site named for Virginia Dare, the first white person born in the new world and is identified as a hate group by The Southern Poverty Law Center.

Malkin is, sadly, commonly described with the term "racist" and that's not for pointing out racism, as I do. It's for putting people of color down like Michelle Obama whenever she gets the chance. That's enough to make even an admirer of her business acumen like myself just cry.

If Malkin's not racist, why is she posting articles to websites like VDARE? Just a question.

We all want to think the best of each other and that's true for my view of Michelle. I've not yet had the pleasure of meeting her - or at least I hope it would be so - and I'm sure it would be a great experience because people in the media business are seldom like the images they extend.


But Michelle's got a track record of putting down people of color that's long and strong.

That's just terrible so say the least.