Friday, May 21, 2010

Yahoo!'s CEO Carol Bartz at Tech Crunch Disrupt, New York City

Yahoo!'s CEO Carol Bartz will join TechCrunch Founder and Editor Michael Arrington for what is called a "Fire Side Chat" at Tech Crunch Disrupt in New York City at 12:10 PM EDT on Monday, May 23rd. Zennie62's trip is sponsored by Christine Smith Associates, Inc., the Premier Female Contractor in NYC.

Carol Bartz took over for Yahoo Founder Jerry Yang as CEO on January 13, 2009. Bartz took on the challenge of reviving one of the Internet's pioneer brands, which had suffered from the disease of over-bureaucrasy.

Bartz' most recent and most exciting move was to acquire Associated Content, a news website of over 380,000 contributors, making it several times larger than

Yahoo!'s purchase of Associated Content should cause the mainstream media to shudder, but the simple fact that's not the case shows just how little the mainstream media understands what's happening.

If Yahoo! structures its website relationship with Associated Content properly it could cause a massive cannibalization of online news traffic. If New York Times Publisher Arthur Sulzberger, Jr. had nightmares trying to deal and then partner with Google, and The Wall Street Journal's minders think The Huffington Post is annoying, they've not seen anything yet.

But that's only if Yahoo! knows exactly what it's doing with Associated Content, and that remains to be seen. Carol Bartz will pack the room for what will be an exciting chat.   Personally, I hope Michael asks if any part of the twitter account Fake Carol Bartz (@fakecarolbartz) is true - especially the F-bombs.

How's that for buildup?

Google celebrates Pac Man 30th anniversary with icon game

Google celebrates Pac Man 30th anniversary with icon game. 30 years ago, Pac Man was created and became perhaps one of the most addictive games ever developed. Installed in a large video game box, Pac Man became the favorite after-school and at times during school time-waster, and in online form it still is.

Google proved that today with its' installation of a "logo-based" Pac Man game placed where the standard Google logo is located on its page. This blogger tried the game several times and did not do well simply because the cursor that you would assume was to control the Pac Man failed to do so. The result was that I was absorbed every time.

I thought it was the fault of the Apple Safari Browser's memory leak problem, which does make sense given the fact that the cursor was working some of the time, but not all of the time. And in Pac Man, time is really important.

Of course, posting a YouTube video of my failure gained comments of advice. Apparently I was supposed to work the 'page up, page down' keys, which I did do and gained more success than what's on the video screen.


Well, you can see how much fun Pac Man can be to play. No wonder it's lasted 30 years!

Back to playing it!

Bloomberg's goat sing? Stieg Larsson 4th? -- Suzannah B. Troy

What does Stieg Larsson’s “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” and my new YouTube, “Bloomberg’s goat may sing like a bird + Stieg Larsson’s 4th book trilogy + 1” have in common beside the Swedish author? Watch my YouTube and see how I explain why in America his books are selling like wild fire.  The 3 books have been filmed in Sweden and the first has been released here in the U.S.A.
Larsoon died of a heart attack at ago 50 and he did not have a will.  He never married his live in love so his father and brother inherited everything.  His live in love, an architect has the fourth book on her computer and she is not allowing it to be published unless the inheritance is properly negotiated.  She points out on his website they were not involved in his life what so ever....
Why are the books such a sensation?  Because Larsson values democracy and the books address muck raking, fighting corruption, the role of reporters to expose corruption and ask tough questions which happens less and less all weaved in to a violent saga including hitting on the financial sector.  The books are about corruption!
The Swedish star who plays Lisbeth Salander looks like a female Johnny Depp.  Her name is Noomi Rapace.  Michael Nyqvist plays Mikael Blomkvist who is muck raker supreme and the co-owner of a magazine devoted to -- you guessed it -- muck raking.
So non-New Yorkers, guess what?  Mike Bloomberg decided mayor wasn’t good enough and he was going to be king of New York.  He denied us a referendum and put the vote in front of a city council riddled with corruption.   Yikes.  His money manger and good friend Steve Rattner had to step down from his job at the White House as Car Czar, he said to spend more time with his family but looks like Andrew Cuomo just busted him here in NY for shady dealings and his company Quadrangle disavowed him.  

It is pretty impressive that Mike Bloomberg spent almost 110 million to steal, oops just barely win an election...the most humiliating and expensive in NYC history and the only unaccounted money is $750,000.00.   Haggerty says he is being set-up and if they scape goated him, he is going to sing, spill his guts to avoid jail.  
My first YouTube was “Mayor Bloomberg King of New York” and my newest calls him “Teflon Mike”.  I look at him as a smart version of Peter Sellers in “Being There”.

Rand Paul: Ron Paul's son is a wacky guy on civil rights - pt.1

Rand Paul is a wacky guy
Just after Rand Paul won the Republican Nomination for the Kentucky U.S. Senate Race on Tuesday, this blogger video-blogged that his win was no surprise in this corner because he was the son of Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), who ran for President and failed but gained a cult following in the process.

I also said Rand Paul was nothing to worry about because he had wacky ideas like trying to get rid of The Americans with Disabilities Act. Rand Paul's expected to make a wild blast or two, but so soon? Dr. Paul came through with flying colors when he said that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 should not have included private business, when one of the major reasons for the passage of the Act were the famous sit-ins at restaurants, private businesses, that discriminated against blacks.

Rand Paul is a wacky guy. Dr. Paul's wacky because only such a person would not even consider the moral issue of how his black friends might be treated in such a situation. But then, it's fair to speculate that Dr. Paul has no real black friends. I don't mean the people he sees at work, but people who are regularly over to his house for a visit. People he's known a long time and keeps in touch with who are black. Someone with black friends would not stop to even consider allowing a society where his friends would be treated that way.

Rand Paul is a wacky guy.

Rand Paul's wacky because after appearing on The Rachel Maddow Show, and trying to two-step his way out of Maddow's intellectual trap (he failed), Paul then went on Laura Ingram's show and called Maddow part of the "Looney Left." What's funny is that it was before the same "Looney Left" that Rand Paul announced that he was running for The Senate a year ago. Check it out:

Video One:

Video Two:

Rachel Maddow made Rand Paul look, well, wacky. For example, Dr. Paul avoided a direct answer to Rachel's question if he would oppose Bob Jones University if they tried to bring back a ban on interracial dating at that private institution. Besides, why would a reasoned person even bother to touch sensitive racial issues unless he had a race issue? Paul says he abhors racism, but if so, really, why go there?

Allowing private companies to exclude on the basis of race, to be racist, is to support institutional racism. Thus, Rand Paul is actually helping to foster the very problem he claims to "abhor." Rand Paul's confused: "institutional racism" involves more than government. Institutions are private businesses too.

Rand Paul's a wacky guy. He's just another Southerner who's for some reason obsessed with race and in an unhealthy way.

There always seems to be the person in the South, generally older white and male from my experience, who wants to talk about race and what happened in the past. When one gets into such talks, they discover its that person who is trying to deal with their own racism that's festered over time. Rand Paul needs to let go of the past and help build the America of the future, one office medical patient at a time. In other words, not in the U.S. Senate.

Rand Paul now says he does not want the repeal of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. But that was never the question. The question was does Paul support it, and the answer is still yes, but no.

Rand Paul calls that a "yes" according to his website:

"Let me be clear: I support the Civil Rights Act because I overwhelmingly agree with the intent of the legislation, which was to stop discrimination in the public sphere and halt the abhorrent practice of segregation and Jim Crow laws."

Note that Rand Paul still leaves out the "private" sphere. He's clear, alright, clear as mud.
Rand Paul is a wacky guy.

Stay tuned.

Bret Michaels back in hospital after stroke: Celebrity Apprentice?

Bret Michaels
Country rocker Bret Michaels, who's one of two celebrities competing to be the Celebrity Apprentice for 2010, is back in the hospital after having what has been called a "warning stroke."

Before this news, Bret Michaels was riding high. The lead singer of the group Poison was touring and his appearance on Donald Trump's latest installment of The Apprentice series gave him exposure outside his area of music stardom.

Then a massive brain hemorrhage sent him to the hospital. Now, just as it seemed Michaels recovered and he was set to go on tour again, he not only has a stroke, but a reported hole in his heart or "Patent Forum Ovale" according to

What's up in the air as of this writing is if Bret Michaels will be able to attend the final Celebrity Apprentice. Michaels is up against Holly Robinson Peete for the prize of Celebrity Apprentice 2010 and in my poll, 80 percent of voters and of well over 6,000 votes, have picked Bret to win.

Stay tuned.

Lindsay Lohan will NOT be arrested:CNN, Larry King, Nancy Grace wrong

While CNN's programs Larry King Live, Nancy Grace, and Showbiz Tonight were having a field day with the idea that Lindsay Lohan would be arrested because LA County Judge Marsha Revel issued a bench warrant for her, they forgot one thing: Lohan's lawyers could just post bail and get the bench warrant removed.

That's what happened, and it was announced by at 4:22 PDT, which is 7:22 EDT and apparently too late for the East Coast Media to react and make a correction.

Lindsay's legal rep paid $10,000, or 10 percent of the $100,000 bail the judge set to have the bench warrant recalled.

Judge Marsha Revel will see Lindsay Lohan and her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley Monday at 8:30 AM and then they will set a date for a probation violation hearing. Lohan is in France for the Cannes Film Festival, and was said to have been at a party on a yacht.

Lohan's lawyer didn't go any favors when she said "that's what she does at her age" and then said if it were her, she would not have done that. What she should have said was "My client is conducting business in France and such events as a party are a way to network and press the flesh to discuss the movie projects she's involved in."

While Lindsay's lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley worked hard to get her client off the arrest warrant spotlight, she did her no favors before the television cameras. Shawn Chapman Holley must learn to make a more professional presentation representing her client.

Stay tuned.