Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Denver Broncos Tim Tebow blasted by hot chick at bar

Denver Broncos 1st Round NFL Draft Pick Quarterback Tim Tebow brings out the best and the worst opinions from football fans. During his college career at The University of Florida, Tebow had scores of "haters" and so many there's a website home for them called "Tebow Haters" at TebowHaters.com.

Tebowhaters.com so hates Time Tebow they've got a wealth of material which dates back to 2006 and have joined in with The Bleacher Report for a "bust watch" clock on for Tim now that the Oakland Raiders have released their 2007 1st Round Pick JaMarcus Russell. Bleacher Report states:

Remember that the Broncos traded three draft picks for Tebow; the most for one player in the NFL Draft since Ryan Leaf.

Meaning that, if Tebow turns into a bust, Tebow will be a shoo-in to surpass Leaf. The heat is now on Tebow.

Tim Tebow's so hated he was even blasted by this hot chick at Aventine bar in San Francisco on Cinco De Mayo, and Tebow wasn't even there.

Now, seriously, the woman in the video is not any ordinary person; Kelly works in the sports industry, was at the 2010 NFL Draft, and is a Denver Broncos fan. The rare, random meeting of two people who actually worked at the NFL Draft, Kelly and this blogger, started a frank conversation on a number of NFL-related topics, but the hottest one was about Tim Tebow.

I have no strong feeling against Tim Tebow, and hope he does very well. Thats not true for Kelly, who can't stand him and is a huge Peyton Manning fan. Kelly's blast was like a gattling gun and anyone would be stupid to step in the way of it. Asked point blank-direct why she hates Time Tebow she said:

"Well, I'm from Knoxville, Tennessee...So Vols automatically hate Florida Gators. Tim Tebow is like a robot. Like pull the stick out of your butt. He's just too much. I know that camaraderie, whatever, we need a great leader on the team. He's just too much. I don't think he'll have followers. Nobody can relate with him.

And then he moves to Colorado where Focus on The Family is based out of Colorado Springs. Now we're going to have a bunch of Bible-belting fans being the crazy Christian right. You go to a Broncos game, there's going to be people praying instead of drinking.

I'm not a Tebow fan. I am a Broncos Fan. That's why I'm so sad we have Tebow."

When I informed her that the Broncos also had Brady Quinn and Kyle Orton, her responses were classic: "Oh, that makes a lot of difference...We have three quarterbacks. None of them are great."

I think Kelly wanted the Broncos to trade their entire draft for Peyton Manning.  She didn't say that, but I'd bet she'd support the move.

Tim Tebow stirs the passions of everyone from Kelly to Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones, who got off the now famous blast against Tebow just days before the 2010 NFL Draft and, yes, at a bar, as seen in this video:

Jones said he could never get Tebow onto the field.

At the NFL Draft Kelly's fellow Vol, Eric Berry, the Kansas City Chief's 1st Round Pick, said to me that he delivered his hardest hit to Tim Tebow (at the :58 second mark):

Curious to see the famous collision, I looked up the video of Eric Berry versus Tim Tebow or Tennessee versus Florida. This is what I found:

From the video, I'd say Tim Tebow got the best of Eric Berry on that one. Tebow had lower leverage and knocked Berry back. While Berry's sacked Tebow before, this is the hit he was referring to. Berry said he didn't know what he was thinking when he did that, "He brings a load." A load he's going to see twice a year since the Denver Broncos play the Kansas City Chiefs.

For some reason, I think it's his devout Christian faith, people want to root against Tim Tebow. I think Kelly and Jerry Jones are going to be very surprised. Even with that, I'm sure Kelly will not be shy in expressin her opinion.

Stay tuned.

Apple must fix the Safari memory leak problem

Apple Safari Logo
Apple's Safari browser has a horrible problem called a "memory leak" and it seems to be a more pronounced issue in the latest versions of the browser than in older ones.

A memory leak is when, after a period of time, your browser, which is the online field that's designed to function like a page and is used to access web pages and surf the World Wide Web, consumes more and more of your computer's memory until it reaches a point where it literally becomes impossible to use your computer. It's like your computer's stuck in cyber mud. You have to close any open software program or restart the entire computer.

In some case, I turn off Apple's "Airport" Internet access system and keep the browsers closed when I'm making videos.

Frankly, I've never had this problem until I started using the latest version of the Mac OSX Operating System. I have four different browsers: Safari, FireFox, Google Chrome, and Opera. I've had memory leak problems with all of them, with Safari exhibiting the worst level of leak and Opera showing the smallest rate of leak.

I enjoy using Safari because of the way the browser functions and how it feels when the leak problem's not an issue. FireFox has another set of problems related to what seems to be a "ghost" browser application that has not completely removed from my system. Thus, I have two FireFox apps that run as one when I open one icon. Weird.

That leaves Google Chrome and Opera. Google Chrome is great for blogging but the flash plugin times out after a few minutes, rendering it useless for video work. Opera's the only brower remaining that I use and gives me the fewest problems. But I am not a fan of the way it feels, as dumb as that reads, that's my take. I'd prefer to use Safari, but the leak problem's just a pain to deal with.

I checked and this problem's been around at least since 2006 with Apple's Safari, but I was using FireFox so often I never had to deal with it. Moreover the problem just wasn't as bad as it is today.

On my YouTube video someone explained that Sarafi 4.0.5 fixed the problem, but this internet search on Google reveals that's not the case at all.

If anyone has a workaround for this, please share it.

Meanwhile, Apple really should eliminate this problem once and for all.

Stay tuned.

Zoosk Social Network Dating party in San Francisco

If you're a regular follower of this space, you may remember the blog post about 2010 Web 2.0 Expo and how I considered going to it a waste of time. Well, that blog post landed an email and an invite as a "VIP guest" to a party for a new social network called Zoost.com at Roe Nightclub in San Francisco.

What was so funny was the email emphasized that the event was outside of Web 2.0, not inside of it.

Of course, one needed a Web 2.0 badge to get into it, but whatever.

Zoosk is a dating social network started by Shayan Zadeh, who's now CEO of the company. Zadeh explained that Zoosk started out as a Facebook-based project to rate "hot hot your eligible friends are on Facebook" and it grew from there. "And now there's a song about us," he said.

This song featuring T-Pain...

The Zoosk party was a mix of the typical SF Bay Area tech party with a lot of free drinks, an ice sculpture of the name of the firm holding the event, and people socializing in clumps and a wild scene of people who worked for the company were associated with it in some way, who were not afraid to yell and scream and shout.

On the tech side, I met Chindu Parikh of Sach Manya. Sach Manya is a mobile web applications firm who won the Venture Capital Speed Dating event Zoosk hosted. Like many small companies at parties like this, Sach Manya's work and creations are exciting, innovative, and useful. Need an iPhone app? Chances are Sach Manya can produce one for you that meets your needs.

Aside from the talk about tech, well there wasn't much of that. There was a lot of flowing cocktails and (thankfully) Hip Hop music. I say that because I'm tired of events where it seems the hosts think if they pay Rap or Hip Hop they're going to be taken hostage.

Was the party a bellweather of economic improvement? Did it mean Web 2.0 was a success and I missed it? I'm going to say, no and no. No because it was a small party that took up one room and by one company. It was designed to be that way and you can't tell a thing from an event like that. But I will say no to the second question just by the read of the lack of a crowd at The W Hotel.

You can tell how much economic impact an event has by the crowd or lack of one at The W Hotel during a convention. While Wonder Con SF drew record crowds, it didn't translate to spending at the W. In past years, it did. The Game Developers Conference packed the W all night long it seemed and that was more of a crowd for the W. And while that's true for Web 2.0, it didn't translate into a crowded W Hotel this time around.

In a way, that's too bad. Even though I blasted the organizers for a boring event, I'd hoped to see a Web 2.0 hashtag from someone's account as a Twitter Trend, proving me wrong. It never happened. Somewhere along the way Web 2.0 had become far too clubby and now it needs to be far more open. At a time when more people are being forced to learn about the Internet and how to use it for their business, Web 2.0's once keen market ears may need a New Media spring cleaning.

Perhaps Zoosk offers a lesson for Web 2.0's future: just add Rap and a few iconoclastic video-bloggers.

Think about it.

Stay tuned.

United Airlines Flight ORD to SFO Middle Seat 40 D on B-767

This blog post is for anyone who's ever had the middle seat on a wide-bodied plane. In this case, the aircraft was a United Airlines Boeing 767 on the way from Chicago to San Francisco. This is a trip I commonly make as part of my monthly trek to Georgia to help my Mom. I travel by stand-by and on United Airline, the carrier I grew up with, which means I get what's available; sometimes it's first class and sometimes it's economy class. My preference is for either first class or if it's economy, the exit row.

In this case, I was in the back, in the middle.

What I can't stand are people who can't seem to keep to themselves. Either their head rolls to you when they're asleep. Or they cover the entire armrest with their arm. Or they sick their leg into your space. It's almost as if being in the middle gives them some weird license to think they can violate your space.

It wasn't always that way. I can remember a time when people were more respectful of the space of others. Of course, there was more room in what was called "coach" then, too. Now, the "economy" designation makes riding on some airplanes like being on giant buses. Hence the term "airbus."

To this blogger flying will always be that something where you put on your best behavior, making sure to treat everyone with kindness and courtesy.

Of course, if we all did that, there would be no need for airport security checks and 911 would have never happened.

That would be a cool World to live in. We had it once; I just don't know what happened.

Erica Blasberg: LPGA star update, Gordon Brown talk - Zennie62 USTREAM

The latest news on Erica Blasberg is that she was packing to fly to Alabama at the time she passed away in her Henderson, Nevada home Monday according to USA Today. As of this writing, there's still no official cause of her death, and police have not told Erica Blasberg's parents what happened to their daughter.

Meanwhile British Prime Minister Gordon Brown stepped down Tuesday, thus bring an end to 13 years of Labor Party government and opening a new door to chaos. Now, Britain embarks on a new journey where "our country has a hung Parliament, where no party has a clear majority" as new PM David Cameron said in his first speech.

Conservative leader David Cameron took Gordon Brown's place as prime minister and did so to a loud chorus of boos on the way to and in front of 10 Downing Street.

How long before Camerson gets a vote of no-confidence as he lacks a clear majority?

All this and more in our talk at Zennie62 on USTREAM at 6 PM EST / 3 PM PST Tuesday.
Here's the URL link: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/zennie62

Jim Morrison Lena Horne Lawrence Taylor - Suzannah B. Troy

I just made a new YouTube and I touch on many different topics including Jim Morrison, Lena Horne, Lawrence Taylor and his victim actually wishing him well and briefly on NYC politics.  I will post my YouTube at the bottom of this piece.  Here goes....

For Jim Morrison fans, Tom DiCillio's "When You're Strange" will be free to watch on PBS tomorrow night (Wednesday) at 9:00PM.  In response to my YouTube about Tom coming to talk to the audience after a screening at Angelika's on Houston St. in NYC,  I have had people from all over the world write me including in Spanish asking me how they can see Tom's new film with never before seen footage of a young Jim Morrison which are out takes from his film "HWY".   Now I can tell you the film is on TV tomorrow night!

Please remember if you do get to tune in that Jim's girlfriend's mom has creative control because she had footage Tom needed so that effects the telling of part of the story...anyway for Jim Morrison fans this will be quite a pleasure.   The audience was jam packed to the brim with Jim Morrison fan's and they loved the film and thanked Tom/  They also did not like Oliver Stone's version "The Doors" at all and either did Pam's mom.

On to the icon, great beauty, chanteuse, actress and Civil Rights activist Lena Horne.  I found this quote actually in the editorial section of The New York Post by Quincy Jones today and I had to post it.  I discuss her as well in my new Youtube.

"Lena Horne was a pioneering groundbreaker, making inroads into a world that had never before been explored by African-American women, and she did it on her own terms. Our nation and the world has lost one of the great artistic icons of the 20th century."
— Composer/arranger Quincy Jones on the death Sunday of the legendary singer and actress at the age of 92

Next, Lawrence Taylor and a NY Daily News article today that gets in to the gory details including that yes indeed LT had sex with her, the lights were down low so you didn't recognize him.  She had been beaten by her pimp and just wanted to get this over with as quickly as possible.  There was a concern about the condom coming off on her part and he said don't worry, he is shooting blanks.  Bottom line is she said the room was dark so maybe he did not see she had been beaten, who knows but she is a huge Giant fan and wishes him well.  She does want the pimp to go to jail for a long time.  Click on the link to read more. 

For all those asking what was he doing and why did he ask for a professional sex worker.  I don't know. I did watch an interview and his wife said if in fact he did cheat on her, he is in trouble.  Clearly she is not going to grab a golf club.  She sound calm and reasonable.   Why?  I guess it is uncomplicated in a guy's mind to have sex, pay and leave.  No relationships or drama but LT's case who knows what the collateral damage will be besides jail time, losing sponsors...etc.  I can't imagine.

The real victim who is underage so we her name is never mentioned is trying to break free of this and get her life straight.  She wants to get her GED and become a pediatrician.  

I found an amazing article on  an ex-child prostitute who got her law degree and now is an activist fighting to get kids off the streets and break free.

Pete Carroll: NCAA punishment of USC would be "surprise"

Seattle Coach Pete Carroll 
Seattle Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll was interviewed by Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show today, Tuesday. Patrick, to his credit, did not duck from asking Carroll several pointed questions about the NCAA's investigation into alleged NCAA rules violations at Carroll's last employer, The University of Southern California. Carroll said he would be "surprised" if the NCAA punished USC.

The NCAA is expected to make a ruling this week on the allegations that USC violated NCAA rules in the basketball and football programs. In the case of the football program, the NCAA opened an investigation into charges of illegal benefits given to then USC Running Back Reggie Bush during his final year at USC. (Bush is now with the NFL's New Orleans Saints.)

And the NCAA announced that a Pac-10 coach violated NCAA rules when he retained a paid consultant to watch practice and attend games. While the NCAA does not name Pete Carroll, bloggers speculate that the NCAA could be referring to Carroll's hiring of Pete Rodriguez to focus on USC's kicking game.

On The Dan Patrick Show, Pete Carroll said there was much he did not know surrounding what went on at USC that led to the allegations. Carroll was head football coach at USC where he won two national championships, and several Pac-10 Championships. Carroll said "it's hard to control" every aspect of an athletic program.

On Seattle Seahawks-related issues, Pete Carroll told Dan Patrick he was pleased with the Seahawks 2010 Draft class and added that 1st round choice Russell Okung was already showing promise of being a special player, and 2nd round pick Golden Tate has already made big plays in minicamps.

What's interesting about The Dan Patrick Show interview of Pete Carroll is their promos leading up to it said nothing about asking Carroll about his possible role in the NCAA rules scandal. Yet, almost half of the interview consisted of questions and conversation about that issue. You could almost feel the energy come out of the room as the focus turned to the NCAA. Coach Carroll went from being energetic and happy to slow and somber in his speech. I wonder if he felt blindsided. It sure sounded that way.

Carroll's going to be really dogged by what happened as USC if the NCAA surprises him with some kind of punishment. He should get used to the questions. One just can't run away from a mess.

Stay tuned.

Giuseppi Logan reunion Part 2 post by Suzannah B. Troy

Bobby Paulino keeps sending me edited pieces of the documentary I suggested Jaee Logan make when we were first connected by his friend David who was following my YouTube documentary of his Dad. I also suggested a Hollywood film like The Soloist and that Jaee could set up a charity to help musicians and artists like his Dad as was down with Nathianl Ayers, the subject of the book and film.  I suggested to Jaee that he starting writing in a journal in preparation for a book as well.  Here is my YouTube series starting with the first video of Giuseppi Logan playing on a freezing cold day to an empty park and a 20 part series still on going that brought a reunion of Father and Son.  Pete Gershon, publisher of Signal to Noise wrote a powerful piece which also honors and acknowledges my work on Giuseppi Logan called "Out from the Shadow".  I believe because of Peter's powerful writing and my YouTube discovering Giuseppi Logan which rocked the jazz world this led to Josh Rosenthal of Tompkins Square Park records to get him in the studio and make a new album mostly with original work.Giuseppi Logan Quintet (Dig)  The new CD, Giuseppi Logan's first since the 1960's is a successful and was received with very strong powerful reviews.  There were some in the music world that thought Josh Rosenthal was wasting his time and that GL was shot but Rosenthal proved them wrong. You should know that Giuseppi was married before he met Jaee's Mom and had many children.  There were problems and maybe it was undiagnosed mental illness.  I do not know.  He said she had him arrested and put in mental institutions.  Jaee has a different take on this saying she did not support his music and wanted him to have a 9-5 job which was a killer for him.  Music was and is his life line. He was divorced and re-married a woman who understood his love for music and came to New York City were he could pursue fame and fortune.  As you here him say.  He found fame but not fortune.  It is very sad and upsetting but I don't think he got much for those two successful records.  As we filmed a man stopped which was caught on camera and said Giuseppi Logan, you records got me through college.  He shook Giuseppi's hand. Giuseppi Logan studied at The New England Conservatory and when GL self destructed Jaee's Mom took Jaee to California.  Jaee was an honor student and he went to college studying music as well. You will hear Father and Son discuss Giuseppi Logan playing with all the famous musicians including Charlie Coltrane and Jaee as a little boy played with their kids.  Giuseppi played with Coltrane, Mingus, Sun Ra and more Jazz greats as he contributed his own unique compositions to what is called the free jazz movement. Matt Lavelle join forces with Giuseppi Logan when Logan came in to buy a reed.  Matt kept getting Giuseppi Logan gigs and formed a ban.  This was a life saver for Giuseppi because music is is life force and it also lead to him making money.  Josh Rosenthal even gave Lavelle producer credit on the new CD, The Giuseppi Logan Quintet which includes Francios Grillot, Warren Smith and David Burrell In my series Giuseppi thanks the people of New York.  He tells me he found out from his friend using the computer that people thought he was dead.  He got a little money and took a bus to NYC where people gave him help.  He found shelter although I had heard reports at times he was homeless and people gave him clothing and instruments.  An amazing Salvation Army Angel got him a small room close to Tompkins which is his life line.  He told me people here in NY gave him instruments.  The Jazz Foundation has also been helping him and gave him an instruments, a bass clarinet and flute but the flute is not playing right. I call Giuseppi Logan this morning.  I started very early and he picks up at 7am.  Giuseppi I have great news.  I just got confirmation you son is coming back this month.  I believe for your birthday on May 22.  Giuseppi hadn't heard from Jaee and he was worried he may not return.  He is returning Giuseppi. I asked GL who else he played with and here are a few more names. Giuseppi  played with so many people and here are so morewith Roland Kirk ,  Eddie Gomez, Eric Dolphy  and even  Dizzy Gillespie! I had to leave to go to a meeting but before I did I suggested Jaee and Giuseppi walk over to where Charlie Parker lives.  I couldn't go with them. I wish I could have.  Enjoy the 2nd part in a series Jaee Logan is putting together and a sad reminder Jaee lost his only son to gun violence and he has an organization set up with the goal to stop the violence. Giuseppi has some gigs coming up.  Here is the first in at least 3 that are booked ...IPR in Brooklyn 10pm 5/14 www.issueprojectroom.org Brecht forum 9pm 5/16 9pm www.brechtforum.org He is also going to be on a jazz radio show in Newark the day before his birthday...I have a lot going on so you have to contact Matt Lavelle for more info.  You can join his facebook page, myspace or email him lavelle.matt@gmail.com. Again I have to say I am so honored and proud to be part of this YouTube miracle and helped Giuseppi out from the shadow as Pete Gerhshon describes it and even writing this was work. I am tired.  Thanks to Tim Madison for pushing me to keep filming.

Erica Blasberg: LPGA star dies at 25; 911 call by unidentified person

Erica Blasberg
UPDATE: Dr. Thomas Hess guilty of obstruction of justice.

25-year-old LPGA golfer Erica Blasberg was found dead in her home in Henderson, Nevada Monday. The cause of death was unknown as of this writing. TMZ.com reports that law enforcement is conducting a "death investigation" of the Orange County born, two-time All-American, 2003 NCAA Freshman of the Year and 2003 Pacific-10 Player of the Year from The University of Arizona who turned pro in 2004.

Blasberg's agent Chase Callahan released this statement:

We are devastated to learn of the passing of Erica Blasberg. To most of the world, Erica was known as a professional golfer, but she was more than that. She was a loving daughter to her parents and a compassionate and loyal friend. Erica had a good heart, was extremely kind and very thankful for what she had in her life.

It's hard to tell what's happened with Erica Blasberg of late because her website blog has not been updated in 13 months and her Twitter page is gone.

While TMZ gives a sketch, the Press-Enterprise has a more ominous text from her father:

"At first glance it looks like she might have taken her own life, but at second glance, something is very, very strange about it," said Erica's father, Mel Blasberg, by phone from Nevada. "We're waiting for the police to make an investigation, it's a pending investigation.

"Either way, I lost her and it's impossible to deal with."
Her parents lost their only child

ESPN reports that police responded to a 911 call, but they did not say who made the call.  

Online accounts paint Erica Blasberg as a fun-loving, free-sprited woman who was not caught up in her celebrity. Shane Bacon of FanHouse, who was a friend of Erica's and had the rare pleasure of being her caddy last year in Phoenix, posted this:

I just woke up at 7:58 AM PT. I opened Jimmy Roberts "Breaking the Slump" last night at 10:00 PM and read exactly one word before completely passing out. Needless to say, I was pretty exhausted from a long week of caddying for Erica Blasberg.

First, I'd like to thank Erica. I'm sure I cost her two shots a round, but it was fun she couldn't have been more pleasant to work with. If there is a tour player perfect for this little experiment it would be her.

And Erica wrote a long account of their time together. Here's part of it:

He quickly eased my fears though when a couple holes later I tried to get my own yardage. I didn't properly add the numbers and Shane quickly helped with my math skills and fixed my mistake for me. But besides all those technical things it was great having Shane out there. He kept me laughing and relaxed most of the four days and more importantly didn't let me get down on myself for too long after a bad hole. It might be that we get along so well off the course that made our chemistry on the course so solid, but whatever it was I think I can honestly say that besides not having the results i was hoping for (damn you Camelback Mountain, not all putts broke away from you!) I really had one of my favorite weeks on tour in my five year career. Thanks Shane for putting up with me and all of my many putter tosses ... hope your shins don't hurt too bad!

Shane wrote a moving account of their friendship over at Yahoo!

Erica's representatives took great pains to keep her personal life off the Internet. In the Q and A section of her website, Erica responded to a fan, Mike Barry of Corona, Ca, who seemed frustrated that his questions weren't answered. This is what she wrote to him online:

"Mike I'm sorry your previous questions were not answered. It's impossible for me to answer the many questions sent and trust my agent; Rep1Sports to do the filtering. Things like: a request for autographed pictures ( joining my fan club would include that), although flattering, questions about meeting me, or if I'm single and anything outside of golf, are things that I never see. My fan base is one of the things that makes playing golf professionaly, wonderful. I enjoy the Q & A section of my website, so keep those questions coming."

What's interesting is that Erica Blasberg is from the same Corona town Mike Barry apparently lived in at the time of online contact.  Maybe it's nothing.

Stay tuned.