Sunday, April 04, 2010

Eagles trade of Donovan McNabb to Redskins dumbest in NFL history

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The Philadelphia Eagles traded their legendary Quarterback Donovan McNabb to their NFL NFC East Division rival Washington Redskins for a 2nd round pick in the 2010 NFL Draft depending on how well Donovan McNabb does. He will do well.

The Philadelphia Eagles trade of Donovan McNabb to the Washington Redskins is the dumbest in NFL history. The McNabb trade is dumb for several reasons: first, the Eagles traded their six-time pro-bowl quarterback to a team they play twice each year.

Second, the Eagles sent McNabb to a team that will play an offense almost like the one he played in for 11 years. new Washington Redskins Head Coach Mike Shanahan knows the same Bill Walsh West Coast Offense that Andy Reid coached to Donovan McNabb for all those years.

McNabb will have zero "adjustment" period on the field.

Third, Donovan McNabb knows the Philadelphia Eagles Defense like the back of his hand because he practiced against them. On other other hand, the Eagles have no idea what the Washington Redskins will do on offense because they're a new organization.

Fourth, the Eagles insulted Donovan by trading him for a second round pick to a division rival that plays the same offensive design, in effect saying "We don't think you're good. In fact, you're so bad we'll send you to our division rival because we know you can't beat us."

That's stupid.

The Eagles just penciled in two losses for the 2010 season at the hands of The Washington Redskins. Kevin Kolb is not the Eagles quarterback of the future, even if Andy Reid says he is. Michael Vick, who's an even better passer, will press Kolb for the starting job because he has something to prove. If Andy Reid doesn't start Vick, people will wonder what's wrong with him.

On Easter Sunday, don't forget Children's Hospital in Oakland

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Happy Easter Sunday! There will be happier blog posts to report, but the matter of the fiscal problems of Children's Hospital in Oakland (or "Children’s Hospital Oakland") are as important as an easter egg archive, how to tie a tie, Rachel Ray's Deviled Eggs Recipe, or the iPad 3g.

Children’s Hospital Oakland is Northern California’s only independent non-profit regional medical center for children, a national leader in many pediatric specialties, and an Oakland treasure. "Children's" is also a designated Level 1 pediatric trauma center with the largest pediatric critical care unit in Northern California.

Children's Hospital, suffering from California's terrible economy, a poor national economy, low government and private reimbursement rates, increasing healthcare costs and what it says is a "lack of public hospitals with pediatric inpatient beds," lost $26 million last year alone and $80 million over the last four years.

Children's reports that California’s high annual unemployment rate has increased the number of families covered by Medi-Cal and other government assisted programs from 60 percent to 71 percent in one year; an all time high for the facility. Children’s claims Medi-Cal reimbursement are "among the lowest in the nation" and does not cover the cost of service provided to patients.

According to Children’s Hospital Oakland President and CEO Bert Lubin, the fiscal loss has grown at "at an unsustainable rate." In the hopes of stopping a projected $15 million 2010 loss, Lupin and his staff have created a three-year plan that will reduce costs and increase revenues. Here are the plan's actions that are "under consideration":

Partnering with community clinics
Supporting existing and new programs that have the financial capability of
helping support the hospital
Renegotiating contracts with public and private insurers to get higher rates, comparable to what other local medical centers receive
Reducing the workforce, with as few layoffs as possible
Reducing the annual costs by streamlining some service lines
Seeking more state and federal funding

Children's Hospital Oakland currently employs 2,600 people and has an annual operating budget of $350 million.

It's not clear how the new Obama Health Care plan will impact Children's Hospital Oakland as of this writing, but if the comments of Dr. George Phillips, a pediatrics doctor at the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital in the Iowa Independent, are any indication, it can do nothing but help:

"This new law sets the benchmark for coverage for all preventive care that all children should receive. We've seen so many children in the hospital, whose medical conditions have reached an acute stage that could have either been prevented or addressed earlier in the process, had they had wellness checks."

Help Children's Hospital

Children’s Hospital Oakland is an international treasure that everyone in the California should be proud of. Oaklanders see it as children’s hospital, but equally if not more important, it is an internationally renowned research center that is creating cures for kids. We need to support this hospital for the groundbreaking work it does in discovering new treatments to prevent and to heal children here and around the World.

You can help by calling your Senator and Congressperson and asking them to help find federal funds to support Children's Hospital. You can do this regardless of where you live because of Children's Hospital Oakland's unique regional role.

Happy Easter!