Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Governing by Extortion: The GOP Doctrine

Governing by Extortion is apparently the GOP Doctrine for the 112th Congress. They seem hell bent on governing by a reverse “Robin Hood” type principle of Robbing from the Poor and giving more to the Rich.

Embarrassing. That’s one word to apply to the fiasco in Washington, D.C., last week. Another word would be deplorable, but whatever name you give it, it is Extortion plain and simple and it is disgusting.

So why are the Republican “Fat Cats” able to get away with tactics that for any other citizen would be considered illegal? Well, the fact is that Congress is exempt from mere legalities. Look after all at bribery - in Congress it is called lobbying and thus legal. Another reason Congress is so boldly confident that they can get away with such unreasonable behavior detrimental to America is Obama’s long history of “Bending Over” to such outrageous tactics in the past.

By abandoning their humanity, Capitol Hill is poised to relegate all the once middle class and doom all the poor and elderly in America to such a substandard way of life - revolution may be the only way good, decent, patriotic, fed up and motivated US citizens can save us all from a Washington D. C. plutocracy determined to destroy our country.

No matter how the wealth controlled media and government may attempt to persuade you otherwise, it IS the PEOPLE who in the end have the power to change what is happening in Washington NOW - NOT in 2012. We cannot wait for the voting process. Egypt did not wait. Tunisia and a half dozen other countries this year have shown more backbone than American’s have displayed in many decades. I guess it is all about how much someone is willing to endure and for how long they will accept being kicked around by their rich and powerful abusers.

The only thing worse than our president caving in to the extortionist tactics of the GOP seems to be the millions of Americans who appear satisfied with losing everything and not bothering to fight back at all.

At this rate, Obama’s Legacy will NOT be HCR - it WILL BE Killing Off POOR, Old & Unemployed and that of the 112th Congress will be one of legal extortion, inhumanity and unbridled plutocracy.

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Google Alert! Arianna Huffington, At AdTech, Believes In Blogs

If you think Huffington Post Founder Arianna Huffington's turning away from blogs and bloggers, think again.

In a speech at AdTech 2011 this morning, and in an announcement that's sure to raise the eyebrows of Google search kings like Matt Cutts, and send some at TechCrunch into shivers, the head of Huffington Post Media and AOL's main editor said that "we're going to expand our blog across all AOL platforms."

This blogger takes that to mean the tech news blog TechCrunch, and other media owned by AOL.

And from the perspective of content arbiters like Mr. Cutts, Ms. Huffington sounded a call of support for the news aggregator, and essentially said that AOL will be a content farm.

Take that, Google! Where Mr. Cutts has reportedly launched a war against so-called "content farms" like Gather, Demand Media, and what used to be called Associated Content - all, which hate being called content farms, by the way.

Moreover, Huffington's not turning away from bloggers, but says they're part of the foundation that created Huffington's Post's gantry for success. (I'm paraphrasing here.)

As this blog post is written, a video of Arianna Huffington's entire 43 minute speech and Q and A is being compressed and will be uploaded this afternoon, before 4 PM.

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Google Follow-Up

Also, word was passed that someone at Google PR was not pleased with this blogger's post called "Google Hater: Ad Tech VISA CMO Antonio Lucio Slams Giant."

The fact is, I don't "hate" Google, and had VISA CMO Lucio not made the statements he did, there would have been no foundation for the blog post. Think about it. Is anyone going to slam Google, basically paint the company as arrogant, and then turn around and say "I don't hate them"? No. Of course not. What they'd do is offer qualifying statements starting with "Well, I don't like..."

For me, Google is not one company, but many units. Google Search at times takes on practices that are open to question. Google News needs to be reformed to better embrace blogs and blog content. YouTube, a unit that's for all practical purposes not touched by Google, is fantastic.

Google CEO Larry Page was right to take back his company. It was starting to go the way of Yahoo: too big and in some units, a bit too careless. But as a whole, well, you can't take Google as a whole. And while many do, they're mistaken.

Clearing AdTech Decks: Jeff Cole and Flip And Cisco...

At AdTech UCLA Professor and Digital Media expert Jeff Cole gave a great evening keynote, where he said (among other things) that the print version of The San Francisco Chronicle was not going to last long. Afterward, I asked Cole about that, and his comment that Facebook was going to start a decline of sorts in about five years. The result was a great 16 minute teach-in, captured on video, using a Flip Video Camera:

Oh, for those who know that Flip Video Cameras are used here, a note: I'm pretty freaking mad with Cisco:

Stay tuned.

Will the Chiefs Be on the NFL warpath in 2011?

Will the Chiefs Be on the NFL warpath in 2011?
By Mark Kern-Interning Contributor-Football Reporters Online

The Kansas City Chiefs are coming off a season that very few people outside of the locker room saw coming. The chiefs went 10-6 and won the AFC West and made the playoffs for the first time since 2006. Even though the playoff game against the Ravens did not go as they had hoped, last year was definitely a success. However, the Chiefs know that they are going to have to work even harder to equal that success and there are many reasons to believe that they will.

Their offense started to really click at the end of the year and start putting up some very good numbers. Matt Cassel rebounded from a so-so year and had a break out season, as did his favorite receiving target Dwayne Bowe, who led the NFL in receiving touchdowns. , However, the man that makes this offense go is Jamal Charles. The running back lead the league with a near record breaking 6.39 yards per carry average. With rookies Dexter McCluster and Tony Moaeki exceeding expectations, the offense is definitely on the right path to a post season run. In this draft, offensively, look for the Chiefs to obtain some more offensive line help, and a wide receiver to compliment Dwayne Bowe and McCluster in the slot. Do not be surprised if they package a deal and move up to grab a player early on during day two.

On the defensive end, this team made strides all over the field. Tamba Hali became the force that he was a few years ago, amassing 15 sacks last year, trailing only Demarcus Ware of the Dallas Cowboys for the league lead. Linebacker Derrick Johnson started to show off the Pro Bowl Caliber talent that many experts had seen when he was drafted. And in the secondary, they found their leader as rookie Eric Berry was everything they wanted and more. He will man the secondary for years, and he is only going to get better. On the defensive side of the ball, look for them to draft a linebacker or a defensive tackle.

Overall, this team over-achieved last year. They were not expected to be very good and they surprised and came to play every week and competed hard. This draft is going to be another big step for them in their goal of becoming a super bowl contender. Three names to look for to be drafted by the Chiefs are UCLA linebacker Akeem Ayers, Wisconsin offensive lineman Gabe Carimi, or Baylor defensive tackle Phil Taylor.


Photos: Barber & Strahan were probably two of the "Greatest Ever"second round selections...Tiki Barber Photo by David Shankbone via Wikipedia-Strahan(shown "schooling" a Youngster) By Victor Pagan for Football Reporters)
(Eds. Note: this is the first installment of Football Reporters Online's "Pro Draft Report" for 2011, reposted here with permission. It will run every Day until the Draft on April 28th
By Don Stokes Senior Writer Mid-West Football Reporters Online

I can truly relate to being second. I was born the second of two boys. I got the hand-me downs clothes and shoes from my one year older brother. So I can really understand to being number two. No with the upcoming 2011 NFL draft just weeks away every team is crossing their collective fingers that they make the best 1st round choice. As every football executive knows making the wrong 1st rounder can put your franchise in a serious tailspin which can take many years to recover.

Ask the San Diego Chargers who chose QB Ryan Leaf with their 1st round pick in 1998. Or the more recent 1st round flop JaMarcus Russell by the Oakland Raiders in 2007. While no team has been totally picture perfect with their 1st picks this piece is not about that. But what of the second round pick? For this is about the 2nd round choices that some NFL executives have made and for some have ultimately lost their good reputations (or jobs) over. I have taken the time and looked for 30 years of data to choose the best and the worst of each NFL teams 2nd round picks.

First let’s go over my criteria:
A) These 2nd round picks are a 30 year (1980 thru 2010) period. For some teams like Carolina, Jacksonville, Baltimore and Houston their NFL existence is a shorter time span.

B) The player MUST have contributed for that team in some manner which he was the choice (ex. In 1991 with their 2nd pick Atlanta chose QB Brett Favre, a future hall of famer but didn’t contribute much for the Falcons during his brief stay with them)

C) A Pro Football Hall of famer tops any all-pro choice (see my example later)

D) A pro bowler tops a player who had a solid career (ex. seasoned veteran).

E) Playing in the NFL is extremely difficult so if you managed to have played at least 20 NFL games during your career you are not considered the worst pick for that or any team.

F) Regardless of injury and you played NO games in your career but you were a 2nd round pick of that club you WILL be considered the best of the worst.

E) Finally, if you made the ultimate sacrifice you will be considered the best 2nd round choice of that team.
With that in mind some of these choices were very challenging. For some teams (Cowboys, Dolphins and Patriots) they had many players to pick from while others (Redskins, Chiefs and Jets) the pickings were slim at best. Some of my choices you may disagree with but here they are:

BEST 2ND ROUND PICK: Larry Allen G 1994 Somona State
IN CONSIDERATION: Steve Wisniewski G 1989 Penn State
WORST 2ND ROUND CHOICE: Shane Hannah 1995 G Michigan State

BEST 2ND ROUND PICK: Brian Dawkins DB 1996 Clemson
IN CONSIDERATION: Randall Cunningham QB 1985 UNLV
WORST 2ND ROUND CHOICE: Mike Bellamy WR 1990 Illinois

BEST 2ND ROUND PICK: Michael Strahan DE 1993 Texas Southern
IN CONSIDERATION: Tiki Barber RB 1997 Virginia
WORST 2ND ROUND CHOICE: Joe Montgomery RB 1999 Ohio State

BEST 2ND ROUND PICK: Chip Lohmiller PK 1988 Minnesota
IN CONSIDERATION: Tre’ Johnson G 1994 Temple
WORST 2ND ROUND CHOICE: Bob Slater DT 1984 Oklahoma

It’s interesting that the Redskins best 2nd round choice during the past 30 has been a place kicker. Lohmiller was the only 2nd rounder for Washington who developed into a Pro Bowl player. Although both had great careers choosing Michael Strahan (A SB win) over Tiki Barber wasn’t as difficult is it appears. Philadelphia with the 2nd round Brian Dawkins was a tough choice over Randall Cunningham.

BEST 2ND ROUND PICK: Mike Singletary LB 1981 Baylor
IN CONSIDERATION: Devin Hester DB 2006 Miami
WORST 2ND ROUND CHOICE: Dan Bazuin DE 2007 Central Michigan

BEST 2ND ROUND PICK: Chris Spielmann 1987 LB Ohio State
IN CONSIDERATION: Jason Hanson K 1992 Washington State
WORST 2ND ROUND CHOICE: John Ford WR 1989 Virginia

BEST 2ND ROUND PICK: Le Roy Butler DB 1990 Florida State
IN CONSIDERATION: Darren Sharper DB 1997 William and Mary
WORSE 2ND ROUND CHOICE: Mark D’ Onofrio 1992 LB Penn State

BEST 2nd ROUND PICK: Sidney Rice WR 2007 South Carolina
IN CONSIDERATION: EJ Henderson LB 2003 Maryland
WORST 2ND ROUND CHOICE: James Manley DT 1996 Vanderbilt

Singletary was a no brainer over Devin Hester since one is a Pro Football Hall of Famer and one is not (yet). The choice of Le Roy Butler over Darren Sharper was a bit more difficult. It’s interesting that the Vikings two best 2nd rounders were drafted within the last 10 years.

BEST 2ND ROUND PICK: Alge Crumpler TE 2001 North Carolina
IN CONSIDERATION: Scott Case DB 1984 Oklahoma
WORST 2ND ROUND CHOICE: Nathan Davis DE 1997 Indiana

BEST 2ND ROUND PICK: Muhsin Mohammed WR 1996 Michigan State
IN CONSIDERATION: Kris Jenkins DT 2001 Maryland
WORST 2ND ROUND CHOICE: Eric Shelton RB 2005 Alabama

BEST 2ND ROUND PICK: Rickey Jackson LB 1981 Pittsburgh
IN CONSIDERATION: Roman Harper SS 2006 Alabama
WORST 2ND ROUND PICK: Reggie Freeman LB 1993 Florida State

BEST 2ND ROUND PICK: Mike Alstott RB 1996 Purdue
IN CONSIDERATION: James Wilder RB 1981 Missouri
WORST 2ND ROUND PICK Dexter Jackson WR 2006 Appalachian State

The Buccaneers running backs Mike Alstott and James Wilder both had outstanding careers for Tampa. Mohammed, who recently retired had a solid NFL. The Saints Ricky Jackson, of course is a Pro Football HOF so that was an easy choice.

BEST 2ND ROUND PICK: Aeneas Williams DB 1991 Saginaw Valley State

BEST 2ND ROUND PICK: Roger Craig RB 1983 Nebraska
IN CONSIDERATION: Ricky Watters RB 1991 Notre Dame
WORST 2ND ROUND CHOICE: Israel Ifeanyi DE 1996 USC

BEST 2ND ROUND PICK: Kevin Mawae C 1994 LSU
WORST 2ND ROUND CHOICE: Andre Hinds T 1980 Stanford

ST.LOUIS RAMS 1980-2010
BEST 2ND ROUND PICK: Isaac Bruce WR 1994 Memphis
IN CONSIDERATION: Henry Elliard WR 1983 Fresno State
WORST 2ND ROUND CHOICE: Jesse James C 1995 Mississippi State

With St. Louis this was my toughest decision, Isaac Bruce vs. Henry Elliard. Both had great careers with the Rams as wide outs. But the nod went to Bruce (a Super Bowl title) who could be voted in the Hall before Henry Elliard. The 49ers RB’s Roger Craig against Ricky Watters wasn’t that tough. Both had solid careers but three Super Bowl rings (Craig) to one (Watters) was the deciding factor.