Sunday, May 25, 2008

Kirk Wright Suicide: Former NFL Financial Advisor Commits Suicide In Jail

In a very sad end to a story about a person that had so much initial promise, Kirk Wright, the man convicted of up to 710 years in jail for mail and securities fraud and who had formed frauduent reports to clients to cause them to think they were making money from his investment portfolio, when he was losing money, killed himself in jail in Union City, North Carolina. Some of his clients were NFL players.

The result was that he fled from capture and when found was sentenced to prison for a term longer -- much longer than his life. He was -- to my knoweldge -- given no chance to clean up his act with the people he harmed or society in general.

And now, this young man is dead at 37.

It's sad. Sad to know that a professional Black young man with vast connections could wind up in the position he found himself in. And he probably saw himself as having failed after trying to reach above where society seems to say where he should be, only to find himself in a mostly-Black prison system, and with no way out.

So Kirk created one. God bless his soul.

A Democratic Landslide In November?

As the contentious and historic battle between Democratic heavyweights Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton arrives at an abrupt finish, the limelight and attention can now be focused on both sides ability to emerge victorious in states usually reserved for the opposing party.

Can Obama court elderly Jewish voters in Florida and blue collar workers in the battleground states of Ohio and Pennsylvania? Can McCain convince the residents of Michigan that he is correct on the economy and will the established status quo citizens of the sunshine state play it safe and cast their vote for what many perceive as a Bush third term? Moreover, these are the hotly debated questions in these pivotal swing states that's going to differentiate which candidate is going to win in November.

While it would seem evident that in one of the most horrific and appalling years in United States history, with a misguided and debilitating war, an economy in peril, 47 million uninsured Americans, zero respect from allies and adversaries, an administration allergic to effective leadership and immune to responsibility, an absent minded energy and foreign policy, an environment on the brink of disaster and an educational system that's stealing the future of millions of hard working children and teenagers, that Democrats would cruise to victory this fall and recapture the White House.

Unfortunately, that's not the case. Barack Obama is not going to easily slither his way to the mountain top without a highly competitive and combative contest from John McCain. Republicans might not know how to run the country, but they know very well how to run a campaign.

SF Supervisor Chris Daly Called For Riot in San Francisco During Olympic Torch Protest

Just as San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom was worrying about the very possible future of violent protests along the route of the Olympic Torch Relay on the evening before the day of the event, April 9th, here in my video below, is Supervisor Chris Daly calling for protesters to "shut down" San Francisco, stating that it's part of the city's history to have such things happen.

Appearing before a crowd of about 8,000 people and as part of a well-done Olympic Torch Protest event at United Nations Plaza and featuring actor Richard Gere, Supervisor Daly took the stage with Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi and after saying "Free Tibet" and waiting for the crowd to respond, he said "to do any less than take the streets of San Francisco would be un-san franciscan.

Daly continued by stating that in "1934, labor shut San Francisco down. In 2003, 300 people were on the streets of San Francisco saying 'no' to an illegal war and occupation of a country where the people were not inviting us in.." and continued as Supervisor Mirkarimi clapped in celebration of his speech, and the crowd got more excited.

Then Supervisor Mirkarimi took the mic and said that Supervisor Daly was called the "Daly-Lama" around City Hall.


Still, one wonders what may have happened if Mayor Newsom had not secretly altered the Olympic torch path the next day. Not only would there have been violent protests and perhaps deaths, but Chris Daly would have hit his objective of protests being held, which would have cost the City itself a lot of money in police hours and the almost certain flood of lawsuits that would have been filed.

Here's the video:

Video also on Dailymotion and AOL , and MySpace.

Bush - McCain Fundraiser Reduced In Size: Poor Ticket Sales

According to Talking Points Memo, a planned fundraiser featuring President Bush II and presumptive Republican Presidential Nominee John McCain was scaled back due to poor ticket sales.

That should send a message of the election future of the Republicans. Three special election losses, and now this. November looks like a Democratic Landslide, if we can keep Senator Clinton in check.