Monday, October 20, 2008

Army Vet Thinks Colin Powell Is "Most Important Development" Of Election

This army veteran on YouTube expressed his view that Fmr. General Colin Powell's endorsement of Senator Barack Obama for President is "the most important development" of the election, and observes that the McCain Campaign "lacks integrity" and "seriousness." "IF I had any respect for McCain, it's gone...He's lowered himself to where he is a used car salesman."

Adam "Pacman" Jones Suspended "At Least" 4 Games

Cowboys cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones has been suspended for at least the next four games of Dallas' season for his most recent violation of the league's personal conduct policy., the NFL announced Tuesday.

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Pacman Jones weighing alcohol treatment plans

Adam 'Pacman' Jones is considering options for treatment for his alcohol use, a source told ESPN.

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Some Super Bowl Tickets Selling for $1,000 for First Time

The NFL confirmed Thursday that 25 percent of the tickets for the Feb. 1 game in Tampa will be priced at $1,000. It also announced it will drop the price of 1,000 tickets at Raymond James Stadium by $200 to $500, the first time the league has cut prices for a Super Bowl.

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Tom Brady updates fans about his knee

Tom Brady has been doing his best D.B. Cooper impersonation since suffering a season-ending knee injury. But the New England Patriots quarterback has posted an open letter to his fans on Here's the message in full:

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Master Chief And Optimus Prime Are Saints Fanboys

When you have Optimus Prime AND Master Chief cheering from the Superdome, is there really any doubt which team is superior? I have to give it to the New Orleans Saints' fans, they've got great taste and a whole lotta free time. They look fantastic. We're just one T2 silver unitard away from the best fan base ever, full pics below.

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Favre Denies Sharing Information to Sabotage Packers

Cornerback Charles Woodson says that if a media report indicating that Brett Favre shared inside knowledge of the Green Bay Packers’ offense with Detroit Lions coaches is true, it’s nothing short of sabotage. Has one of the most beloved players in Packers history become Benedict Brett?

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Pimp & Circumstance

Pimp & Circumstance

By Michael – Louis Ingram

BASN & Football Reporters Online

A Tale of Two Packers: On August 7, Green Bay Packer quarterback Brett Favre was traded to the New York Jets.

Upon release of this information in the Big Apple, Favre’s new #4 New York Jet jerseys were as abundant as bratwursts on game day at Lambeau Field.

According to area sources, 3200 pieces sold in less than a day – at $80 a pop.

A few days earlier, another former Packer, Herb Adderley, received his monthly pension check from the Players’ Union – in the amount of $126.85.

Adderley, a five time Pro Bowl selection, eight time All – Pro selection, three – time Super Bowl winner, member of the National Football League’s All – Decade team of the 1960s, and, in a survey done by The Sporting News ranked at the turn of the century as #45 out of the 100 greatest players to ever play the game, made less in his entire illustrious career (1961 – 1972) than the revenue earned in a few hours over the Internet.

While you digest the probability of this feat meaning progress, think about a man who sees his name in the Ring of Honor at Lambeau Field, but can’t see making it through his future at a level far below the quality of life he should be entitled to.

Bernard Parrish was a contemporary of Adderley’s, playing from 1959 - 1966, winning a world championship with the 1964 Cleveland Browns. “That was a big deal, winning the championship,” said Parrish, over the phone from Washington, D.C. “My winners’ share from that pool was $8,000.”

Parrish, who also garnered two Pro Bowl selections, revealed the game was not the afterthought it seems to be in the modern era. “Winning mattered. If you were on the winning side, you got $1500 a man, the losers got $750.

“In 1960, that had some weight. In 2008, that’s about a year’s worth of pension.”

Parrish, now 72 years old, spearheaded a class action suit (along with Adderley) against the NFL Players’ Association (NFLPA) and their marketing arm, Players, Inc. in 2007; and the gavel is about to drop on adjudication on October 20. The amount being sought for Parrish, Adderley and about 3500 other former pro players is $100 million dollars.

“The NFL makes $7.1 billion dollars a year – almost three million more than Major League Baseball – yet baseball seems to have found a way to take care of the older players with a tad more fairness than us,” said Parrish. When asked about the largest salary he made as a player, he said, “I was considered one of the best cornerbacks in the league early on – and I made $26,000 a season.”

It has been said by this writer and other BASN writers that the pittance laid out by New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and head coach Bill Belichick of $750,000 for their corruption of football in the aftermath of the SpyGate scandal didn’t even manifest to a slap on the wrist as far as a deterrent was concerned.

However, when you take into consideration that there are at least five NFL franchises worth over a billion dollars in a depressed market such as this, one hundred million ultimately adds up to what these players probably should have received over the same time period, if you consider major medical, maintenance, long – term disability, and coverage for widows and children.

Anyone who drives a car or owns / rents a home pays some kind of insurance. You also know insurance companies love to take cash in, but hate paying out.

Management vs. Labor

In many ways, several aspects of this suit amount to what is a workers’ compensation issue.

So that we can give this as impartial and objective a look as possible, we’re going to go Sports MCs on this one; this time, our senior member, Mr. Finley “Doc” Pinkard will flex on behalf on what management’s argument could be while DJ Hunnycomb will attempt to lay the lumber down on behalf of the players.

I will further state that Doc is eminently qualified to speak on this, having over 28 years experience in banking and finance.

Doc: Okay -- now you have to consider this as one layer off of a very large onion. Players from 50 years back were making less money back then, but so was everyone else. Given what a dollar was worth, you can argue some players were doing a lot better than most back in the day.

If we go back to the “Greatest Game” of the Colts vs. Giants, it was the breakthrough game for pro football’s ascendance as a major spectator sport. After that game, we got games on free television on those black and white sets in the early 1960s.

Owners of teams at this time weren’t adding television revenue from football into the equation, so that didn’t factor into player’s contracts either. Whatever salary was made was determined by drawing power and the overall success of the team.

HC: I’ll grant you that, but you just made my argument on one important aspect of this: COLA – the cost of living allowance. Part of the reality leading up to this suit is due to those players not being given benefits that account for inflationary variables. How does $25,000 spend 50 years later? Unless it was saved and accrued interest, it can’t even come close.

Doc: Well, I can say honestly that there was a time when I had bang for my buck as a younger working guy than later in life. I had an apartment just off Central Park West, paying $225 a month in rent. I was earning $12,000 a year and had money in the bank.

At another point as I got older I had more than tripled my salary, but had even less to show for it than when I was younger.

Back when a lot of these cats played, a Cadillac Coupe de Ville cost $4,000; and a Jaguar XKE right out of the showroom was $7,000. You could buy a house for next to nothing; now $250,000 might buy you a raggedy house in New York City…

HC: Which means the inflationary slope has affected these guys, too!

Doc: But you have to also ask them what did they do with their money? How did they spend it or invest it, if at all?

HC: Which bumps us back to the insurance thing; there is nothing crueler than being subjected to hospital tests that you know were connected to your playing days, only to have a team physician or your own doctor tell you they can’t help you because your insurance doesn’t cover the disability.

Doc: Yeah – but you need to remember medical care has jumped light speed over what was done fifty years ago. You couldn’t ‘scope a knee; if you got cut at the knee, you were lucky if you ended up walking with a cane. Cat scans, MRIs, “Tommy John” surgery, hell, any kind of surgery.

No one could attribute what other dangers there were with soft tissue damage; and the connection with concussions weren’t even a major cause for discussion until the 1990s.

What the real cruelty is if say an Earl Campbell played now, his career probably would last but two or three years, given his running style. With the size, strength, added bulk whether chemically or naturally of modern players, Campbell today running the way he did would make him Christian Okoye; and he wouldn’t have put in enough time to qualify for a pension.

HC: Perhaps – but he would have a serious legal leg to stand on in a lot of video evidence attesting to his line of work; there would be no way any club could weasel out of their medical commitment to a guy who attracted collisions like Magneto manipulated metal objects.

You look at Campbell’s battered body and he’s just one clear example. What about all the others whose problems weren’t immediately evident? Do they get penalized because of the lack of medical knowledge?

If someone like a Brent Boyd, Conrad Dobler or Carl Eller had migraines and severe headaches years after their playing careers were done and nothing in their family medical history would indicate otherwise, the only way they could have acquired this condition would be from their previous vocation of playing a collision sport like football.

So now we’ve caught up medically and everyone knows what they might have, but they still can’t get help because they’re getting screwed by management.

Doc: Hey, my brother – that’s how it goes. Unless I have proof, as management, my job is to keep operating costs down. That’s why I would want this to come down to arbitration; whatever amount settled on would be a more thought out plan than anything labor could offer.

HC: I don’t think so. Arbitration would work for you, but not necessarily for the rank and file. There was a reason why unions were fought against, especially after Brother Parrish tried to form one among the players soon after the AFL – NFL merger.

These cats weren’t puppets, they knew playing ball was a job; and a job that came with great perks but also should have benefits like most workers did. Glamorizing these cats with sound bites and celluloid from the halcyon days is not paying their rent – or medication, or health care. I mean if baseball is trying to take care of their people, why not football?

Doc: That’s a whole ‘nother thing, Mike. Look – what’s the worst injury you can get in baseball? Someone throws at your head. How many people have died in baseball from injuries on the field?

So compare that with football, a collision sport. Different priorities from an insurance standpoint – different costs, too; as in a lot cheaper.

A doctor could argue injuries sustained from a post – football career could be from wear and tear on the body. On an individual case – by – case basis, the players might win some; but I bet you they’d lose a lot more.

HC: I can see where it would be easier to care for baseball players in that regard; but a user – pay system as health insurance for football players is like having no insurance at all.

If you are having annual checkups and everything’s all good, no problem; it will even pick up minor shit like Tony Romo’s owwie on his pinky;

Doc: (laughs) Don’t get me started on that boy cryin’ like a bitch about his pinkie!

HC: (laughing) But this is no joke – when the situation calls for potential long – term disability, these jokers look to find a way out of their agreement; you know this! You were in the business…

Doc: Well, the point of our discussion was to give management’s take on it, right? I’m not saying your argument isn’t valid; in the final analysis, it’s going to be about determining a proper adjustment rate for a pro – rated cost of living allowance; and possibly, restructuring of the pensions of the players.

One thing of which we both agree – no matter what is said, this is truth; these early players – the old – school cats – they built this game and allowed these young knuckleheads making all this money now to prosper.

HC: Damn Skippy! Just like everybody should be breakin’ off something to Curt Flood’s family, these guys need to catch a break and get some of what they helped build.

One area where the old rank – and – file could get some justice is in the actions of the NFLPA and Players Inc.; using their exclusive representation of NFL players to generate hundreds of millions of dollars through group licensing agreements (GLA’s).

But none of the players who have filed suit have received any of this money; and active players have only received 31%. The NFLPA and Players Inc., which have both been run by the same group of executives, have kept the remaining 69%. Through this lawsuit retired players are seeking their fair share of group licensing revenue.

If a company like Electronic Arts (EA Sports) is using likenesses of players who were playing long before permission to use an image became a codicil to a contract, then it will be a tremendous challenge for NFLPA and Players, Inc. to bullshit their way out of that.

The trial is set to begin on October 20, 2008, in San Francisco in district court.
BASN & FRO will keep you posted with interviews from some of the players whose voices will finally be heard during and after the trial’s conclusion.

Nolan Fired-Singletary to take over-That Makes Two Bay area Coaches Fired In the Same Month!!

Even though we had heard that the York Family were unhappy with the current situation, we would have thought they would have let Mike Nolan finish out the 2008 season.

Then the "Winds" began to blow like they always do at Candlestick Point. except these winds had a wisper on them. " We're going to replace Nolan after the Seahawks game" said those winds. Then tonight we heard "Why Wait! let's get it over with Now."

My Only concern is This: Mike Singletary is a Quality Coordinator, a Hall Of Fame retired player, and a good decent man. But if you were labeling the defensive play as the main problem with the 2008 49ers team, then why would you promote the defensive coordinator? True, Defense was Nolan's forte.

He was the Man that Rebuilt the Giants Defense after the collapse of the mid-to-late 1990's, and brought them to SB XXXV (i Think Nolan had more to do with that team's success then Fast Jimmy Fassel did! Call me crazy but...). So now the Job is Singletary's for the forseeable future.

Will he bring In his Nephew?(an Asst. For Coach Turner Gill at the University of Buffalo) I'm sure for the rest of this season the remaining staff stays intact.

Will He Replace Mike Martz? and When? I Hear Dick Vermiel is available as a special consultant in between rounds of Golf!

Oh!! did i Blow IT?!? Isn't that who Al Davis wants to hire as General Manager? Don't laugh because it wouldn't be a bad move for either team.

U.S. Representative Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) is not alone!

You remember Ms. Bachmann; she's the 6th District Representative from Minnesota who went over the top talking to Chris Matthews of Hardball, calling for a return to McCarthyism. She went so far in her demagoguery that General Colin Powell singled her out in his remarks after his Meet the Press endorsement of Senator Obama's candidacy, as has been widely documented.

Her remarks were so out of step with even her gerrymandered district that not only is her her Democratic challenger (Tinklenberg) suddenly awash in donations, her former Republican opponent during the primary said Bachmann had dishonored her office and reentered the race as a write-in candidate. Republicans, Democrats, journalists, people from all walks of life and every political stripe have rejected her smear-mongering.

But she's still got one supporter.

During a debate sponsored by the League of Women Voters that aired state-wide, the Democratic challenger in MN CD #2, Sgt Steve SarviSgt. Steve Sarvi, asked incumbent Rep. John Kline if he would denounce Ms. Bachmann’s outrageous comments; does Kline agree that some Democratic members of Congress are “anti-American” and should be investigated? Does he believe the millions of people who have voted for these public servants also are “anti-American”?

We don’t know because Kline wouldn’t answer the question. Instead, Representative Kline dodged like an old-school politician who expects few are paying attention; he tried to change the subject. He doesn't want to go on the record as disapproving of smears and innuendos. In my book that's tacit approval. Edmund Burke noted centuries ago, that, "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing." This is not the time for watching quietly, or doing nothing.

It wouldn't have required much bravery for John Kline to agree with the Colin Powell (among other life-long Republicans) to say Bachmann's remarks have gone too far, but he couldn't even pick a side in the situation. He couldn't give Sarvi, or the voters of Minnesota, a straight answer.

As Republican Representatives from Minnesota, Kline and Michelle Bachmann have nearly identical voting records. Some even regard Kline as her obvious mentor. I regard Kline's unwillingness to either condemn her outrageous remarks or take the side of one of his closest allies as a sign it's time for fresh leadership in the 2nd Congressional District of MN, not just Bachmann's 6th. I urge you to contact your friends and family in Minnesota, to make sure they realize how these two view patriotism, and to help sweep new energy into the legislature on November 4th by donating to their campaigns today.

"We have got to stop this kind of nonsense, pull ourselves together, and remember that our great strength is in our unity and in our diversity. "
~General Colin Powell (Ret.)

Here are the two links: Contribute to help Sgt. Steve Sarvi unseat John Kline, and
to help Elwyn "El" Tinklenberg unseat Michelle Bachmann.

Muslim McCain Supporters and Campaign Staffer Reject Anti-Muslim Bigot

This is a video to watch if you need to have your faith in America restored. It features a man issuing a terrible protest against Muslims and Senator Obama, only to be confronted first by the journalist with the American News Project, and then other McCain supporters.

Obama Up By 11 Points In Gallup Daily ; 8 Points In DailyKos Poll

According to The Gallup Daily Tracking Poll for Monday, October 20th, Senator Barack Obama has a wide 11 point lead over Senator John McCain and has an eight point lead in the DailyKos daily tracking poll.

Question For Senator McCain on Black Relatives - For The Situation Room on CNN

Monday, October 20th edition of the South Florida Times reports that your Black relatives have an event called "The Coming Home Reunion" and that each member of your family has attended, including your brother Joe, except you.

In 2000 you claimed that your family did not own slaves; in the article your Black relatives dispute this. Is that why you don't attend the event, and can you shed light on this matter?

Thank you and thanks for your service to our country.

Push Poll

I received the following email and am reprinting all of the info here, with permission. It's instructive to see what's really happening. Note: the respondent does not really believe that Barack Obama is a Muslim (but as Colin Powell says, so what if he were?). Several groups, listed below, are calling for a return call campaign to jam the phone lines of this push polling organization.

Dear friends,

I just received a presumably McCain push poll on my cell phone. The push poll was as follows:

* Push Poll (PP): Are you intending to vote in the 2008 presidential election?
o Me: Yes
* PP: Do you intend to vote for John McCain?
o Me: No
* PP: Do you intend to vote for Barack Obama?
o Me: Yes
* PP: Do you want a strong President who will manage the economy?
o Me: Yes
* PP: Did you know about Barack Obama's affiliations to Fannie Mae and Fannie Mac and that most of his contributors are Washington lobbyists representing the corrupt firms that caused the financial crisis?
o Me: Yes
* PP: Does this make you less likely to vote for Barack Obama?
o Me: No
* PP: Did you know about Barack Obama's affiliation to terrorist Bill Ayers and to the fraudulent voter registration organizationAcorn?
o Me: Yes
* PP: Does this make you less likely to vote for Barack Obama?
o Me: No
* PP: Are the values of the candidates important for you in this election?
o Me: Yes
* PP: Did you know that Obama is a muslim?
o Me: Yes
* PP: Does this make you less likely to vote for Barack Obama?
o Me: No
* PP: We are going to ask you a series of questions about your demographics. Is this ok? o Me: Yes
* PP: What is your age?
o Me: 34
* PP: (Inaudible)
o Me: (Silence)
* PP: Thank you very much for taking time to answer the survey of the Political Action Committee for Change (not sure, if this was the name or not). This is an independent survey and is not affiliated with the political campaigns of John McCain or Barack Obama. (End of call)
The number was registered on my caller ID as the following: 703-263-2155, Let's call this number and shut it down! :-)

UPDATE:You should read the comments on my blog entry in at * Someone named NH Flaming Moderate ( claimed to have been called from that number today, but she was unable to answer because she was at a soccer game.

* Another person named Ballerina X ( claims the caller ID read "Perry Elaine."

* Another person named jgilhousen ( claimed the location was "Herndon VA" and said that "there are several marketing/political research companies there, any of whom could be the culprit." Another person says the caller ID read: PUBSRV 2008.

* Someone named Msanger ( received the same exact call in Georgia at 4.30 pm Saturday.

* If you google Elaine Perry, she does voice overs: Also, there have been twelve complaints registered against this phone number online: * * these lists of complaints, one person who answered the calls said they were repeated calls by the Huckabee campaign.

The Mormons for Obama on Yahoo Groups have organized a concerted effort to call the number en mass. They said they were initially getting a voice mail but now are actually getting a busy signal.

Someone in the Feminists for Obama Yahoo Group wrote:
All I could find out about that number is that it is a verizon phone and it is in Centerville, VA. If you want to find out the persons name and address, you have to pay 40 bucks. I tried calling and it just kept ringing. You may want to check with verizon though.

A fellow Truman Scholar wrote me 15 minutes ago to say:
Based on other comments I've found online, I think this is the organization that pays for those calls:

Texas A&M Newspaper Endorses Obama; First Dem In 50 Years

The Bryant / College Station Eagle Newspaper of Texas A&M shocks the world and endorses the first Democrat for President in 50 years, Senator Barack Obama. Here's the editorial that took Andrew Sullivan by surprise:

Barack Obama is the better choice for president

In the past 50 years, The Eagle has never recommended a Democrat for president. We made no recommendations in 1960 and 1964 -- when Texas' own Lyndon B. Johnson was on the Democratic ticket -- nor did we in 1968 -- although we did praise Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey's position on the Vietnam War. We did not in 1976 and 1980. In 1972, The Eagle recommend Richard Nixon, in 1984, Ronald Reagan. We recommended George H.W. Bush in 1988 and 1992 and his son in 2000. We recommended Bob Dole in 1996.
Four years ago, the Editorial Board couldn't recommend George W. Bush for a second term, but we also couldn't recommend Sen. John Kerry either, so we made no choice.

This year is different, in large part because of the very difficult challenges facing this nation after eight years of a failed Bush administration. We are faced with a choice between Sen. John McCain, who claims to be an agent of change but promotes the policies of the past, and Sen. Barack Obama, who also wears the change mantle, but offers a vision for the future, even if he has yet to fully explain how he would carry out that vision if elected president in little more than two weeks.

Every 20 or 30 years or so, a leader comes along who understands that change is necessary if the country is to survive and thrive. Teddy Roosevelt at the turn of the 20th century and his cousin Franklin Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan -- these leaders have inspired us to rise to our better nature, to reach out to be the country we can be and, more important, must be.

Barack Obama is such a leader. He doesn't have all the answers, to be sure, but at least he is asking the right questions. While we would like more specificity on his plans as president, we are confident that he can lead us ever forward, casting aside the doubts and fears of recent years.

John McCain is a great American, no question. He served his country with honor in the Navy - enduring five years of hell in a North Vietnamese prison -- and he has represented Arizona and, indeed, the country well in the Senate. He has been a maverick at times, but his unbridled support for the Iraq War shows a lack of understanding at the weariness of the military and the country to remain much longer in a country unwilling or unable to govern itself.

Perhaps Obama won't be able to bring American men and women safely home from Iraq in the promised 16 months, but at least he is willing to make the effort.

Also of great concern is McCain's selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate. Like Obama, she has little experience in governing, but unlike the Illinois senator, she is a candidate of little intellectual curiosity who appears to be hopelessly unready to be president. The fact that people are confused by the difference between Palin and comedian Tina Fey's caustic impersonation is clear evidence that Palin should not be, as they say, a heartbeat away from the presidency.

We also are dismayed by the tenor of the McCain-Palin campaign. If their goal is to severely wound an Obama presidency should that come to pass, they are dangerously close to succeeding.

It is time for America to look to its future with hope and optimism. It is time to say we can be better. It is time to redefine who we will be as a leader of nations.

With hope in our hearts and confidence in our choice, The Eagle recommends a vote for Barack Obama for president.

The Palin Plunge: Voters Sour On McCain VP Pick

The more voters learn about Sarah Palin, the more wary they become. Once the focus of post-convention Republican euphoria, the Alaska Governor is now viewed as a serious liability to the McCain campaign.Her favorable to unfavorable ratings have switched from a positive 40-30, to a negative 32-41.

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In NC: Obama slams McCain for calling him a "socialist"

Obama in NC

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BREAKING: Head of GOP Voter Reg. Outift Arrested

Head of California GOP voter registration outfit charged with voter registration fraud, according to CA Sec. of State's office. The firm, YPM, also under investigation in several states for allegedly illegally switching thousands of registrations from Democratic to Republican...

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Colin Powell Destroys McCain's Negative Smear Campaign

From Ayers to using "Muslim" as a smear, Bachmann to the socialism charges, Powell gives a bit of straight talk. Thank you for some real honesty.

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Colin Powell Destroys McCain's Negative Smear Campaign

From Ayers to using "Muslim" as a smear, Bachmann to the socialism charges, Powell gives a bit of straight talk. Thank you for some real honesty.

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Joe The Plumber - Palin On SNL - Obama Draws 100,000

This is my blog report on "Joe The Plumber", where I point out that he's actually not part of of the labor force, but a member of the growing underground economy in America.

Then I praise Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's appearance on Saturday Night Live and state that she's got the wrong job -- she should be a political comedian.

Finally I look at what is the largest crowd in American Political history. 100,000 people came out in St. Louis to see Senator Barack Obama.