Saturday, January 19, 2008

Mitt Romney Prevails in Nevada

The combustible Republican presidential process took another step towards complexity today as vastly polarized candidate Mitt Romney emerged victorious in the battle ground state of Nevada.

Mitt Romney, boosted by a thunderous injection of Mormon voters, handily defeated prominent rivals John McCain and Mike Huckabee by over a 30% margin. Voters who affiliated themselves as Mormons comprised 50% of the Republican caucus goers.

The former Massachusetts Governor received an overwhelming majority of support of those in every income bracket,age group,by Evangelical Christians, Republicans, military service men and women, and individuals who prioritized the battered economy, illegal immigration, the Iraq war and terrorism as integral issues to be concerned with.

Libertarian Ron Paul, who managed to finish a stellar second, received 51% of the vote from independents. Equipped with victories in Wyoming, Michigan and Nevada, and second place finishes in Iowa and New Hampshire, Romney is in prime position to catapult ahead to the Republican nomination.

Remember, this is a race for delegates and Romney has accrued a substantial amount so far in his quest for the White House.

Clinton and Obama Split Nevada; Hillary Votes, Barack Delegates

After a bitter battle, Senator Hillary Clinton and Senator Barack Obama split Nevada, with Clinton winning the popular vote by a small margin, and Obama winning the deligate count, again, by a small margin.


Here's the totals:

Hillary Clinton 5,355 51% 12
Barack Obama 4,773 45% 13
John Edwards 396 4% 0
Uncommitted 31 0%
Dennis Kucinich 5 0% 0
Bill Richardson 0 0% 0

Note that Obama won the deligate battle. According to MSNBC: But hold on, folks. The Nevada Democratic Party just issued this clarification (emphasis is ours): "No national convention delegates were awarded. That said, if the delegate preferences remain unchanged between now and April 2008, the calculations of national convention delegates being circulated by the Associated Press are correct. We look forward to our county and state conventions where we will choose the delegates for the nominee that Nevadans support."

What does this mean? It looks like the Obama camp's math (as well as the AP's and NBC's) is correct.

Thus, regardless of the Clinton camp's claim , Obama has won the deligate count.

Something else is clear: John Edwards should drop out of the race.