Saturday, December 20, 2008

LOUIS UCHITELLE: Maybe It Can’t - A Trap in Obama’s Spending Plan -

Source: “That is the risk facing Mr. Obama’s plan. By January, Congress will probably be asked to approve an outlay of more than $700 billion. Spent in one year on construction, research or equipment, it might well offset the contraction at first. But unless it also revived general confidence, the economy could collapse again, once the money was gone.

“If that spending can’t get the private sector going, then it is just a make-work maintenance operation,” said Stanley Moses, an economist at Hunter College in New York.”

-- I disagree with this because it ignores the ripple effects of spending in the form of architects, caterers, construction vehicles, and other local spending due to these projects. we've let billions in roads and public works go without repair for decades. There's a lot of work out there. But spending for a manufacturing public works effort would go a longer way toward rebuilding the economy.

NextArts' Tony Imperial Sends Threatening Emails To Blogger Zennie Abraham

Regardless of my constant written requests for him to stop, NextArts' Tony Imperial , the producer of the planned San Francisco Obama Inauguration Simulcast, continues to send threatening emails to me.  I've sent a simple "please leave me alone" reply to his emails, five times as of this writing. 

NextArts' Tony Imperial claims that I was using my blog to try to stop his planned program from taking place, when in point of fact I have written that it was a great thing to do, but Imperial has some massive political cleanup work to do.  He's upset Obama volunteers, SF movers and shakers, and now this blogger, which he claims to have filed a baseless lawsuit against. 

Imperials just will not stop and now I consider him to be a threat.  The only reason I'm making this public is to prove that he can't "chill" this blogger and also to inform the general public of his behavior and to protect myself. 

Jerry Brown urges court to scrap Prop. 8 - Inside Bay Area

Jerry Brown orders scrapping Prop. 8 - Inside Bay Area: “SAN FRANCISCO—California Attorney General Jerry Brown changed course on the state's new same-sex marriage ban Friday and urged the state Supreme Court to void Proposition 8.
In a dramatic reversal, Brown filed a legal brief saying the measure that amended the California Constitution to limit marriage to a man and a woman is itself unconstitutional because it deprives a minority group of a fundamental right. Earlier, Brown had said he would defend the ballot measure against legal challenges from gay marriage supporters.
But Brown said he reached a different conclusion "upon further reflection and a deeper probing into all the aspects of our Constitution."
"It became evident that the Article 1 provision guaranteeing basic liberty, which includes the right to marry, took precedence over the initiative," he said in an interview Friday night. "Based on my duty to defend the law and the entire Constitution, I concluded the court should protect the right to marry even in the face of the 52 percent vote."”

--This is Jerry Brown's finest hour. Period.