Wednesday, October 06, 2010

CNN Fired Rick Sanchez: Poll Favors Rick; Apology To Jon Stewart On Facebook

In the / Pollsb poll, a near-clear majority, of 458 votes, 44.78 percent as of this writing, claim CNN should not have fired now-former CNN Anchor Rick Sanchez. This in the wake of Rick's firing for his comments calling Jon Stewart a bigot and saying that CNN was owned by Jews.

Here's the Zennie62 YouTube video:

And here's the poll:

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CNN immediately fired Sanchez last Friday, removing his website profile. Then CNN enlisted Howard Kurtz to talk badly about him on Kurtz' show, Reliable Sources.  A move this space called "Classless."

Also, Rick Sanchez has apologized to Jon Stewart via his wife's Facebook page (his Facebook page, used for his CNN shows, has been removed).

Still A Hot Issue

Rick Sanchez' firing is still a hot issue, and threatens to reach this blogger's 12 day time span for important Internet stories. Thursday, the day that Rick's comments surfaced one week ago, marks seven days. Tuesday of next week will be 12 days.

 According to Google Insight for Search, as of this writing, "Rick Sanchez" went from just below "20" in search intensity October 1st, to almost 100 by October 2nd, then dropped to 40 the next day, and gradually fell to 30 on Tuesday, October 5th. The prediction here is that by next Tuesday, Rick's name will return to it's "pre-scandal" levels of intensity.

Not Fueled By Television

All of this isn't fueled by television, but by the Internet. While the issue started with Rick being removed from a TV show, with the exception of Howard Kurtz' show, and ABC's The View's discussion on Monday, there's been little on television about the issue. But one weekend television program that invests 15 minutes of it's time to the matter of Rick Sanchez' CNN firing could boost the search numbers, yet again.

Stay tuned.

Oakland Pican / Grand Marnier / Zennie62 Female Bartender Event A Success, BUT!

The first Oakland All Female Bartender Competition at Pican and by Grand Marnier and Zennie62 was held Tuesday night, and by all accounts, was successful. Well, except for this blogger, who's Zennie62 name was given as a sponsor - online marketing work was provided - yet, from the impression I received, no one at the event knew that I sponsored it.

That even with the emails exchanged where I did agree to sponsor it, and also agreed to put up the Grand Manier logo on the blog posts.  Plus, I agreed to make a blog about the event and did so.

But for all this, didn't even get a bottle of Grand Marnier.

United 747 Flight Delayed

What was vexing was that my United 747 Flight 973 from Chicago was delayed over three hours, which hampered my plan to show up at 6:30 PM PDT, which was when the event started. Instead, the flight was delayed two hours, then we sat on the tarmac at the gate for another hour. I called and emailed Josh at Pican to explain I would be late; I guess he got the message.

At any rate, I arrived at Pican at 9:15 or so, and to find the Oakland All Female Bartender Competition was history. A duo from Luka's won, followed by Pican's Britt Peterson, and then I later learned a bartender from Era Art Bar. Great.

But what was not great was it seems my blog's name wasn't even mentioned during the event. Also, when I arrived, it was as if I was some Joe who walked in, and not the event sponsor. I had to pay for what I ordered; there was no dinner, as we agreed I would receive.

And Michael Le Blanc, the owner of Pican, didn't even bother to come over and thank me for my sponsorship. And when I mentioned this to him (uh, I had to walk over to him) he said thanks for "helping."

Helping. Helping.

Helping. Like I'm the bus boy or something.  

And Josh, who contacted me about the idea for the event,  just came over and gave me a pat on the shoulder.  


So by the end of all of that crap, I wondered what the hell I was doing there. It would have been better to have just went home or even not to have tried to return on Tuesday. Everyone - Pican, Grand Marnier, the event participants - were helped. And now, Pican shows up in Google News searches because of this blog and my work. My sponsorship. What Michael Le Blanc calls "my help."

Sponsorship Is A Business

Folks, I'm not taking comments on this. Not interested in snarky responses from rude people who don't get that sponsorship is a business. Sponsorship is a business or person lending their name and efforts to help promote an event. For that, they expect their name to be mentioned, to get what's called "logo exposure," and to have special treatment as the sponsor. That's business.

The only logo and name exposure, it seems, was what this blogger generated on his own. That's it. I'm really unhappy with Pican Restaurant. Moreover, I'm even more unhappy that the people I was around who I thought were my friends, but turned out to be anything but that.

I'm glad the event went well, but that's not how it was supposed to go for this sponsor.

Tired Of Rude People In Oakland

Maybe this experience is related to the overall epidemic of rudeness that's plaguing Oakland. People doing things to you without regard for your opinion or permission. Like the guy at the bar The Layover, who, even though I'm standing up over my chair with my cocktail on the bar in front of it, walks over and tries to sit down in the chair as if I'm not even there!

I asked him what he was doing and explained that he was being rude. He said "Well, you weren't sitting in the chair." And it never entered his head to ask if he could sit down!

Or how about the woman on the right, who decided to start talking past me to the guy on the left, without saying excuse me and as if I wasn't there. I pointed out that she was being rude as well.

Or how about the really ass-hole people who insist on walking over from your left to pass you on the right, even if you happen to be next to a wall, only to have no explanation for what they did when asked. (Note: stay on your right, and leave me alone!)

In all cases, people are just thinking about themselves without regard for anyone else, in this case me.

Just like at Pican. No one thought about anything other than themselves, and certainly not me. Maybe now, they will. It seems people only pay attention to bloggers when the blogger is upset, never when the blogger does something good for them.


Chemistry Nobel Prize awarded to 3 professors By Nikky Raney

CNN reports that the 2010 Nobel Prize in chemistry has been awarded to three professors Richard Heck of the University of Delaware (USA), Ei-Ichi Negishi of Purdue University (USA) and Akira Suzuki of Hokkaido University (JAPAN).

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced that the three received this award after the creation of a tool called a palladium-catalyzed cross-coupling, which was created in order to make carbon-carbon bonds in organic chemistry.

Organic chemistry is also known as carbon-based chemistry which all revolves around the basis of life such as poison in snakes, color in flowers, penicillin, etc.

The Nobel Committee told CNN that organic chemistry has allowed humans to build on nature's chemistry and create "revolutionary" materials.

Negeshi has been trying to create this for over 50 years and told reporters that a dream amongst the professors is to be able to synthesize any organic compounds of importance in order to create bigger and better things.

The Telegraph online explains that thanks to the creation of the palladium-catalysed cross-coupling scientists and researchers will be able to artificially produce a substance that is naturally found in sea sponges that is an aide used to fight cancer cells.

The three laureates all worked independently and will equally share the prize which is worth $1.47 million.

Facebook status promotes breast cancer awareness By Nikky Raney

Courtesy of NY Daily News
Many Facebook users may be puzzled when seeing how many of their Facebook friends have a status saying: "I like it on the floor." (or "I like it on *BLANK*")

Along with the many Facebook statuses saying, "I like it on the floor," there are almost as many which ask, "Why does everyone's status say 'I like it on the floor?'"

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month - this viral Facebook status trend is meant to raise awareness of breast cancer. Although "I like it on the floor" may seem to be leading to something sexual, but really it is referring to a purse or handbag according to a blog from  The Washington Post.

There have been many types of breast cancer awareness campaigns that have been questionable (like the ads with the body paint), but this one seems to be more tame than "Save the Tatas."

Time Magazine online explains how unusual this method to raise awareness truly is comparing this status to the one that had gone viral last year:

Remember last year's Facebook campaign where all of your lady friends suddenly had status updates like “Black,” “Red,” or “Polka dots” and no one had any clue what was up? Oh, but then word got around that the updates were the bra colors of choice and the updates were meant to peak interest of those left out of the joke (read: males) in order to raise awareness about breast cancer. Um, ok?

The appeal of posting the status is that it will confuse those who don't already know what it is referring to - which will cause the person to get educated in order to figure out why these statuses are being posted. Clever.