Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mark Zuckerberg, Jesse Eisenberg and Andy Samberg On SNL (Video)

NBC just released and posted the video from the Saturday Night Live (SNL) opening monologue featuring Jesse Eisenberg, Andy Samberg, and Facebook Founder, President and CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

As you may know, Jesse Eisenberg plays Zuckerberg in the six-Oscar-nominated movie The Social Network. Andy Samberg is an SNL cast member who commonly plays Mark Zuckerberg. There was much speculation that Mark would not show up on tonight's SNL episode, but he did.

Kudos to NBC for getting the video compressed and uploaded so fast. The show's not even over!

As a note, the Oscar voting period closed on January 19th, so it's far too late for this show to have an impact on Academy Awards voting.  The Oscar best picture has already been selected by the 5,744 voting members of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), it's just a matter of counting the votes before the ABC telecast on February 27th.

Mark Zuckerberg And Jesse Eisenberg On Saturday Night Live

Mark Zuckerberg did it. He appeared on Saturday Night Live just about five minutes ago. After much media speculation today, the founder, President and CEO of Facebook appeared alongside the actor who portrayed him in The Social Network, Jesse Eisenberg.

The segment started off innocently enough, with Eisenberg coming out to a good audience ovation and explaining that he's really not who he appears to be - he's actually confident. And much different than the person he plays in The Social Network. That would be Zuckerberg.

Then SNL Actor Andy Samberg comes on stage saying that he's Mark Zuckerberg. As that's happening, the real Mark Zuckerberg is back stage with SNL's legendary producer Lorne Michaels. Mark explains that he should be out there because "I'm the real guy."

Cutting to the next scene, Eisenberg and Hader continue talking about which one played Zuck better, when Mark comes out on stage. Hader leaves almost immediately after explaining that the pairing of the two of them, Mark and Jesse, is "awkward."

So it's just Zuckerberg and Eisenberg. After some conversational dancing, Mark says he was "impressed" with Jesse's interpretation of him in The Social Network.

For a guy who's not an actor, Mark did an OK job of saying his lines. Look, he was stilted , OK. A bit robotic, to say the least. But give him credit - major props - for coming on the show and making it a memorable classic.

Stay tuned for the Twitter report!

YouTube And Facebook Beat Old Media At Davos

YouTube and Facebook beat Old Media at The World Economic Forum at Davos!

An amusing but, for Old Media journalists, horrifying tweet on Twitter by Matthias Lüfkens and re-tweeted by Randi Zuckerberg appeared today:

Davos Moment: Journalist to Minister: Can I interview you? Later, I am doing @YouTube and @Facebook first. :) #ouch #WEF

That underscored how far media has come away from the days when print journalists held sway in the trenches of what we now call content development.  In fact, in these times when a person can use a Flip Video Camera or a smartphone with a Qik app that permits live stream video production, it's down right funny to watch someone try to interview a person with just a pen and paper.  If I were the interviewee, I'd worry about being misquoted.

Today, people want to see the subject much more than they want to read someone else's interpretation of what the person said.  YouTube, Facebook, and Qik provided heads of state and business with quasi-instant access to hundreds, thousands, and millions of people.  Print media can't match that at all.

Julie Schenecker Shoots Mouthy Children

People Magazine Online reports that Julie Schenecker, wife of US Army colonel Parker Schenecker, has admitted to police in Tampa that last Thursday night she killed her daughter and her son:

She first shot son Beau, 13, twice in the head with a .38 caliber pistol for "talking back" as she was driving him to soccer practice in suburban Tampa, according to the arrest affidavit.

 The police report says she then drove to her $448,000 family home and shot her daughter Calyx, 16 – a high school cross country running star – in the face as she sat studying at the computer.

Reuters Online reports that her 48-year-old husband is stationed at Central Command headquarters at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa and was out of the country on duty when he found out about the killings.

Oakland Councilmember Jane Brunner Wrong On Chief Batts

Oakland City Councilmember Jane Brunner (District 1 - North Oakland) is unfortunately just plain wrong in her comments on Oakland Police Chief Anthony Batts, and shows why many say there has been a "leadership void" that Oakland's elected officials have not effectively filled.

This is what Cecily Burt quoted Councilmember Brunner as saying in The Oakland Tribune regarding why Batts elected to try and leave Oakland:

"I don't even know if that is the reason. We don't know if there are other issues, it's not clear...He is very popular, we think he is a good chief, but in my opinion, he needs to want to be here. And if there are things that are preventing him from wanting to stay, he needs to be in the room to have that discussion...If he's going to stay, he needs to work with us as a team."

No. Councilmember Brunner has it backwards.   It's her job to make sure working conditions are excellent for a person who is essentially one of her employees.

To ask the employee (think about that) to lobby for improved working conditions says little good about the employer.  The employer is supposed to take responsibility to improve working conditions for the employee.

And she wonders why Batts would consider leaving?

Chief Batts has talked to the media (including this blogger several times), to local officials, and to anyone who would listen regarding the Oakland Police financial situation and the need to improve it.  But it's Jane Brunner's job, as one of the Oakland Councilmembers who hired Batts let alone as a senior member of the Oakland City Council, to set up a meeting such that the Brown Act is not violated, and determine what problems there are and pledge to help him solve them.

That's what leaders do and Jane's certainly capable of doing that.  In fact, I'm surprised she'd allow herself to express such weakness.

Complaining about Batts in the media was the wrong action to take.   I understand what she's saying, but it didn't come out the right way.  Politically, it was better left unsaid.

Chief Batts is not some one to fear, and anyone who might paint him in that way, as someone that a person needs to "stand up to" - thus calling up age-old American white fears of black men - should be ignored and shunned.

That aside, Councilmember Brunner's job one is to set up a direct dialog with Chief Batts, and stop waiting for others to do it.

That's what leaders do.

Oakland News: Oakland A's, Chief Batts Back, KPFA Ratings Drop

A lot of Oakland News presented from bed in Georgia, where this blogger's keeping Mom company and working.

First, a big thanks to my long time friend and Oakland's new District Four (Montclair - Oakland Hills) Councilmember Libby Schaaf, who nomninated bloggers Rebecca Saltzman, Jonathan Bair, Aimee Allison, Debbie Richman and Echa Schneider, and me, Zennie Abraham for the "Making Democracy Work" award. It's a high honor to be considered in this way.

I'm particularly happy with the blog and vlog work everyone did during the Oakland Mayors Race last year. The sum total was we got out a lot of information about the candidates, disagreed on some, and contributed to the community in a big way by fostering discussion.

On the day of the award I'm going to be in New York City for the NFL Draft, so I'm going to ask Susan Mernitt of, another great Oakland blog, to attend and represent me. Susan's done a great job in building a local media brand from scratch and creating some work for local bloggers, so I'm going to share my award with her.)

Second, and on the matter of Oakland bloggers, Aimee Allison of and the now-cancelled KPFA Morning Show can say she was responsible for 16,000 monthly listeners to KPFA. Why? Because that's how many listeners the Berkeley-based Pacifica Foundation legend of a dysfunctional media company lost in just one month.

The latest radio ratings delivered thank to Rich Lieberman via email reported a lot, but what jumps out is way down in the chart: KPFA had 120,700 listeners in November, and 106,500 in December, and an even worse 104,000 during the Holidays.

So, for all of the back-and-forth yada-yada about budgets and costs and personalities and politics, the business that is KPFA is suffering. Care to bet on if listenership dips below 100,000 at some point? Maybe KPFA need to have Aimee on interviewing Oakland Police Chief Batts.

Because he's back.

And it's a good thing for Oakland, and reports about rank-and-file officers not supporting him are just a load of horse mess. A plant of news by a person who was out for no good, done where that person believed it would be shared. It's false. Don't believe it. Oakland cops have Batts back, now the Oakland City Council has to show him some skin.

(It's also great to see Oakland Mayor Jean Quan and Chief Batts together, as covered by

Third, and on the matter of "skin," if California Governor Jerry Brown gets his way and sacks California Redevelopment Agencies (which I still assert is a really dumb idea), there may not be a new ballpark for Oakland at all because skin will be harder to come by. (And I use the term "dumb" because Jerry's a smart guy; using that term is the only way to get it in his head that he's going in the wrong direction here.)

(Oh. I discount San Jose as a media creation because a number of journalists don't want to get their heads around the complicated legal and business issues standing in that city's way, not to mention the MLB Major League Agreement. So when Columnist Mark Purdy or anyone with the San Jose Mercury News starts yappin about a stadium for San Jose, Laugh. Hard.)

Other Oakland Stuff

On the Libby Schaaf info train, she's having her first office hours at various Oakland District Four cafes, to help them with business. A cool thing. Here's the schedule: Dimond: First Thursday of the month, 9am at Caffe Diem, Laurel: First Saturday of the month, 9am at World Ground Cafe, Redwood Heights: Third Saturday of the month, 10:30am at Cafe Galleria Melrose: Fourth Wednesday of the month, 3:30pm at Melrose Library, Montclair: Fourth Sunday of the month, 9am at the Farmers Market.

And on the matter of lawyers, as Libby is one...

Dan Siegel, a good guy who's currently on the other end of the legal issues around Oakland Gangs and against another good guy, Oakland City Attorney John Russo, is the target of a movement to get him kicked off the KPFA Board for being an advisor to Oakland Mayor Jean Quan.  Seriously.  The reason, according to Matthew Hallinan, was that it amounted to a "political appointment," and Matt's ready to go to the "matt" of court to protect Dan and maintain SaveKPFA's majority on what's called the "Local Station Board."


Doug Boxer has resigned from the Oakland Planning Commission.  Mayor Quan will appoint a replacement.


Mayor Quan needs to stop playing political games with the Oakland City Attorney's budget.  Hiring outside counsel is expensive, so stop forcing the office to do it by cutting the budget.  Quan needs to walk away from this one.