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Isidore Philip Tisson Soccer Star murdered by Suzannah B. Troy

Isidore Philip Tisson lead his team, St. Lucia to Caribbean Cup finals  victory only to be murdered on the mean streets of Brooklyn, New York.  You can read heart breaking details of the murder here from The New York Daily News.   His murder leaves many grieving including his small child.

Was it an act of jealous? What ever the motive it was senseless and stupid.

Supposedly humans are higher evolved than "animals" but in NYC people are murdered for being in the wrong place at the wrong time or because they said someone to someone so "fragile", the fragile New Yorker has to murder them over a perceived insult  or murder for gang initiation -- what ever the reason it is a illness, an act of people lacking a soul.

One must be missing a soul to get a gun and shot someone and for some reason New York City has to many of these types.

I don't know if it takes daily protests in neighborhoods through out NYC to bring peace to the streets, rap stars to do front line community outreach as well daily to raise awareness but we need to bring peace to the streets!

Isidore Philip was a soccer star that was murdered on the streets of NYC but we have had so many people of all ages and background murdered including a grandmother sitting on her couch watching TV. Same for children being in the wrong place at the wrong time and that can mean one's home.

Stop the violence, bring peace to the streets.

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