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Mike Bloomberg running for President? by Suzannah B. Troy

Is Mike Bloomberg running for President?  As of right now, king Mike Bloomberg says, "no" he is not running for president.  I do not believe him because he also said he believed in  having term limits and went against his word.  Bloomberg with the help of Christine Quinn denied us a referendum.  What few people have been paying attention to is Mike Bloomberg appointed his people to the Charter Commission and this year, right now in fact they have extended term limits for city council members without our say (the people of NYC) again!  That makes two years in a row king Mike has flushed democracy down the toilet.   Bloomberg has thrown democracy to the wind for his gains and than he uses the word democracy when touting the mosque by the WTC.

I have been blogging about this a lot of my blog but today Clyde Haberman,  I am sure a nice guy but my least favorite writer at The New York Times wrote a piece on this debacle and all I can say is thank goodness and why isn't this making the news?

I do not believe we can count king Mike out of the running for President of the U.S.A.  King Mike hired his campaign people City Hall post the most expensive and humiliating win in NYC history to the tune of an estimated $2 million in the midst of a massive budget crisis.  Why?  My theory is he is having them do statistical research on if he can win and he will be having them do so up until he has to come face to face with the reality he will not achieve his dream to become President.

If he was hoping to run on the Republican ticket he burned that bridge over his support of the Mosque which one might compare to the war in Iraq and oil, if he did not have financial dealings in Dubai for instance he might be treating this issue the way he is treating the Seneca Indians and the middle class and the poor and that is not with sensitivity

Bloomberg forced through a third term which many of us feel is tainted because he denied us a referendum and certain city council members that voted to extend term limits may be going to jail and one Miguel Martinez already is in jail for stealing tax payer money.  To add insult to injury Bloomberg's hand picked Charter Commission have extended city council members terms to 3 again circumventing the people of NY.

Way before any media company would report the news they were forced to report the night of the election I made YouTubes warning people Mike Bloomberg might now win, do not believe the press, the voters are angry.  Here is one from May 4, 2009.

I am not a palm reader or fortune teller but I can tell you if Mike Bloomberg runs for President he cannot win.  Why we have to pay his campaign staff 6 figure salaries he can easily pay out of his own pocket is confounding especially considering harsh budget cuts to come.

Bloomberg as a business man did not help the people of New York but anyone doing major real estate dealings benefited and an end result is mass displacement.   Rumor has it that king Mike wants to put Christine Quinn in place and if he can't be President he will run NYC for a 4th term from the golf course. He is rumored to have made a back room deal with Christine Quinn.  If she supported his push through of a 3rd term denying us a referendum and supporting his run than he would support hers.

Folks blogger mysteriously cut me off and I lost the last few paragraphs so here goes.

Mike Bloomberg is burning bridges like he is an emotional pyromaniac.  He has zero chance of becoming President.  Do I think he has his campaign people situated at City Hall, all with 6 figure salaries checking polls and stats on the possibility of Mike as President.  Yes and he will continue to do so but there is no way Mike Bloomberg will ever be President of the United States.

Blogger locked me out and in a sense robbed me of my writing because I did not have a chance to hit "save now".  It was a better piece but you get the jist.   We voted for him thinking he was a business man but that became his worst attribute as he displaced so many New Yorkers and crushed the middle class all for developer's deals on "old NY's infrastructure.

The Haggerty trial may be Mike Bloomberg's Watergate.  The sentence before has a link to a Wall Street Journal and here is my unusual response to that article.

Mike Bloomberg ambition was his undoing and if he had left after his 2nd term as mayor he would have been making a very smart move.

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