Donald Trump Roasted on Comedy Central and Situation Bombs

After watching the Roast of Donald Trump on Comedy Central over four times (hey, reruns on Comedy Central are worth watching when something is this entertaining) it is safe to say that this roast is probably one of the best - although it was a bit upsetting that Greg Giraldo was unable to be there, but they paid homage to him and Jeff Ross even said, "Roast In Peace."

The roasters included Marlee Matlin, who is currently on Celebrity Apprentice, the woman who won an Oscar and is an amazing woman who although being deaf is able to show that she isn't any different. Her best line was:

"Because like the Situation I have also never heard the sound of laughter."

She was later interrupted by Gilbert Godfried once her signer refused to be part of this anymore - she was poked fun at by the roasters, but she was a good sport about it.

Larry King did a hilarious job and so did Snoop Dogg - the two were definitely hilarious. It makes sense for why Larry King was there, but is there some connection between Donald Trump and Snoop Dogg?

An even bigger confusion is where is the connection between Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino and Mr. Trump? Why would he even be chosen to appear on Comedy Central to begin with? The Situation's act was hard to watch, he really should stick with reality tv, because he is most funny when he is being real and unrehearsed - it really shows that he is not an actor and gives more credit to the reality of Jersey Shore. He took a lot of hits from the other roasters like a champ, but the biggest hit was when the crowd went completely silent during his act - which later led to booing. It was a bombing disaster, but Jeff Ross came up on stage to relieve him and save the day. He should have just been himself - he made a joke about newcomer Anthony Jeselnik saying that he used one of Jeselnik's jokes so that he could bang models in his mansion and then talked about how much money he has. He kept comparing himself to them and took a stab at Whitney Cummings which was not well received. Saying she wasn't worthy of being called a "grenade" because she wasn't blowing up anytime soon - aren't the fat girls called grenades? Thought that the skinny ones were called landmines? Guess it's time to re-evaluate the Jersey Shore lingo. Ironically, after that happened Vinny tweeted about how beautiful Whitney looked.

Oddly, Vinny didn't stick up for Situation at all. Jeff Ross joked that maybe the filming in Italy is a fancy way of deporting the cast.

Whitney Cummings did a hilarious job on stage as did newcomer Anthony Jeselnik, although Jeselnik was not very well known - Lisa Lampanelli jokingly paused as she gave viewers at home the opportunity to "Wikipedia" him.

Jeff Ross of course was there and did his great job.

Seth McFarland hosted and he did a great job as always; taking lots of punches. The Family Guy creator was given lots of flack for Stewie, ha.

Trump's new love Melania was there as was his daughter Ivanka.

Trump's upcoming decision on whether or not to run for President was brought up - Snoop Dogg said it best, "It wouldn't be the first time you kicked a black family out of their home." Hilarious.

Trump's rebuttle was like that of a Presidential Campaign Speech - but he had some good comebacks.

There is so much more to say about it, but really it's much better watching it first hand. It's worth it - and watching it more than once is something that is will be expected; it is THAT good.

The Roast of Donald TrumpMarch 15 10:30/9:30c
Seth MacFarlane - Turns to Gold
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Videos and photos taken from Comedy Central.
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