Tila Tequila Attacks Nikky Raney in Twitter Updates - Nikky Raney

I would like to allow the tweets to speak for themselves.
I have made it clear I do not hate her, and she has decided to personally attack me.
Which, would count as defamation of character because she is maliciously attacking me.
And continues to call me fat.

Anyone who has read any of my posts about her will know that all my posts are backed up with facts, screenshots, and other posts. I have not posted any lies or any attacks toward Tila Tequila. It's unfortunate that she has chosen to attack me and call me fat, but her attention proves that I have done something of an impact. I am still not a hater, I don't hate her and will not attack her. I will continue to expose her, and hopefully I will get her to stop lying. Seriously.

If my twitter gets deleted I will be disappointed, but at least I will know that my point has gotten across. Now, as for me being fat

I must admit I do feel honored that Tila Tequila, the mogul, took time out of her busy celebrity life to make over 20 tweets about me. Let's see if she makes a blog post about me. This will be interesting. *yawns* Looks like my work here is done. There's nothing left to say about her. For a 28 year old to attack and defame and maliciously post those things to a 20 year old that has never said she hated and has never attacked her, quite immature and shows what kind of person she really is.
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  1. What she said was totally uncalled for. You deserved absolutely none of that & I agree, you're not even close to being fat!!

  2. Anonymous10:27 PM

    This silly bitch doesn't have a leg to stand on, and not just because of her methshakes.

    Oh and no shock, she's threatening all the jelis haters with her imaginary lawyers again. Right. Nevermind the fact that she's broke and living in an apartment that's listed on the Bedbug Registry.

    I already reported her Twitter for harassment - won't be surprised if it gets shut down just like her Facebook and Buzznet pages did.

  3. God. She's so stupid. I swear. She goes "Bullying is bad!" and "Don't speak badly about people!" and that's all she fucking does. It's ridiculous. And all the "army" does is sound like illiterate bastards who act like sheep.

    If she were really the "bigger person" she'd ignore the "haters" and just keep doing her crazy thing. But obviously a woman nearly 30 has to pick fights with people over the internet.

    What a dumb ass.

  4. Anonymous10:33 PM

    Basically I agree with you. She tryin to put you on blast so then her dumb wannabe tils army can say stuff that doesn't make any since.

  5. Anonymous10:44 PM

    You're not fat. You're beautiful. She completely insecure. ANYONE who lies that much and has to constantly rally people for attention is lacking a lot of love in their life. We all know this. All most of us have ever tried to do is get her help and she just continues to spin further into a deeper hole of lies & deception. If she truly is using, I doubt that will be her ultimate downfall - the LIES will. You are secure enough in yourself to know that you are a wonderful journalist who is educated with a career and a full life ahead of herself. If only Tila were that lucky. She still has a chance. Anyway, for what it's worth, I sent twitter screenshots of her asking her fans to falsely report you for spamming all of them. That shits not cool. Again, it's like she ran out of weapons so she throws out the only thing she knows how to play with - lies, lies and lies.

    And btw, Tila needs to stop with the lie about WP VIP being so much more expensive - she needs to remember that her blog is very much public and people who work for WP do read it.

  6. Anonymous10:44 PM

    Omg get over it, stop crying about it, be the bigger person....oh ya u already are. U started this by posting that disgusting video its disgusting when Tila does it as well. Looks have nothing to do with it. U are beautiful with great personality and looks like u are going places so please, please just don't even act like she exists. This is making u look bad, shes done ruined her rep don't ruin urs. don't even fuck with her.

  7. Funny that Tila brought up deleting comments as a bad thing when both you and I are banned from commenting on her website, not to mention the numerous comments that she's deleted of ours.

    She's so hypocritical it's not even funny.

  8. M Lims3:30 PM

    You have a bright future ahead of you and are very sucessful for a young woman of 20. She is just a used up shell of a has been, Tila knows this about herself. That is why she has been attacking you. Cyberbullying and encouraging others to participate is very serious. It seems to me Tila wants to be a Shepard to her flock of sheep. Keep your chin up and your dignity, we all know "Miss Tila" hasn't....

  9. Anonymous7:31 PM

    You're not fat! If she thinks that you're fat, she's crazy. You're beautiful. Much prettier than she is. And you're curvy, you're not a little twig, and that's a good thing. Women are meant to have curves. Tila's always threatening to sue people, meanwhile she's attacking you like this. These comments are horrible. SHE can get sued. I'm sure the police are already watching her after her little mogulcide stunt.

    She honestly believes she's a celebrity, meanwhile she's so insecure about her own apperance that she has to take it on other people.. I don't see Kim Kardashian doing that.
    I think she's calling everyone fat because SHE's gaining quite a bit of weight now. Figures, because all she does is eat pizza and blog. No one will even fuck her anymore, and she can't affored a treadmill or a gym membership.. so she has no way to burn calories. LOL. POW TILA. POW POW POW.

  10. Anonymous11:41 PM

    Jeeez, Tila is on the Jenny Crack Diet so everyone is fat compared to her...

    But for gawd sake Nikky, don't give yourself some type of complex about what she said. You look healthy and nice, the boys like it like that so eat the beef and rice!

    Take care, and you'll have a great future in journalism I'm sure of it!


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