Elin Nordegren clueless Tiger Woods was cheating? by Suzannah B. Troy

Elin Nordegren says she had no idea that Tiger Woods was cheating. This is hard to believe considering rumors that he was a player before he even married her and that was allegedly not a  secret.   If I was interviewing her I would have asked her were than any clues before you married him of this kind of behavior?  Where you aware that he was a womanizer or sexually promiscuous?   I don't believe she was asked these questions.

Tiger Woods with the help of his friends and I use the word "friends" loosely because they all profit big time from his friendship and the kind word is "enablers"...yes, the kind word choice... yet Tiger Woods behavior was so outrageous including all the phone calls and texting it is hard to believe Elin Nordegren had no idea and did not see one red flag.

With an guy in a position of power and with a high sex drive the only way to prevent him from cheating is to be with him all the time and or get a GPS for his well you fill in the words.  If you noticed your husband has a high sex drive and he is not spending time with you but is away a lot  wouldn't you ask him, hey honey what are you doing about your lusty  libidinal impulses even out of curiosity?  I don't believe Elin Nordegren is lying but I do believe she too was in denial not just Tiger Woods.   Tiger Woods was in denial that he would ever get caught.  Woods treated his many mistresses like sub-humans and he still does not get that or take responsibility for his lousy treatment.  But that being said, no one except those involved including Tiger Woods enablers could imagine how crazy out of control Tiger Woods was like a bad cheap XXX porn movie....unreal.

I do believe completely Elin NOrdegren has suffered greatly and the toll it took on her body and health.  I had a very different situation but very disturbing violating experience and I had all the same symptoms including hair loss, weight loss, insomnia and I am sure a lot of women experiencing traumatic events identify no cheating husband required to suffer those symptoms.

I don't think the global audience that consumes People Magazine and celebrity news will share my skepticism.  As I blogged yesterday, I do believe this People Magazine due out this Friday will outsell the Sandra Bullock People.    Most people will be very sympathetic to Elin Nordegren who went from an au pere to a mega-millionaire but I am not sure many women would want to trade places with her.  Elin Nordegren will come out on top and doing this was a smart and shrewd move on her part because people thought she would be silent as part of paid legal agreement like some of Tiger Woods mistresses.   Tiger Woods paid his mistresses for silence but not his wife so very shrewd and powerful.

The children are the victims and just because the parents are divorced doesn't mean this is the end for the kids but in fact this will haunt the kids always unless they are given a lot of therapy and tools to deal with the long term aftermath.

Sweet and touching quotes from Elin and Sam but I can't help feeling this will impact the children in long term ways.    I know one symptom of dealing with my parents crumbling marriage and divorce was serious weight gain.  How about 50 pounds so not a good sign that Sam offers her Mom food to comfort her....I am glad that both Elin Nordegren and Tiger Woods will have to take parenting classes.  I wish they made parents take these classes before they have children.

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