Monday, June 21, 2010

Tila Tequila: 3 Adoptions in 1 year.. -- Nikky Raney

Kazakhstan Adoption Claims

Russian Adoption Claims:

Haiti Adoption Claims:

I have not edited any of the tweets posted. I have not added any of the text. The tweets are directly from Tila's twitter and sites that have archived her tweets.

The reason I made this blog post is because I take adoption seriously. It's not okay to lie about adoption. If the adoption is 100% approved - then keep up with it and post more information. Adoption can be a long process. If these children are actually real;who she met and agreed to adopt; then I feel bad if she ended up decided not to. I would feel even worse if this was made up, because I am sure no matter what -- the child would be happy to be out of the current environment.

This will be the last post about Tila for a while. After the fiasco last night it is clear that my posts truly affected her, and that she was very upset by them. She made so many blog entries about how she doesn't care about "haters." She claims to love her haters, and she wants them to keep talking. Out of all the people who speak of her, there are many people who actually call her names & make wrongful assumptions about her. I have never directly attacked her or called her any derogatory names. I have never said anything that did not have evidence to justify it. I have many times said that I do not hate Tila, and that I was once a fan of hers. I do this all so that the lies will be exposed and I can shed light on the situations. It's strange that so many people constantly attack her, call her names and say such cruel things to her like telling her to die, etc. but all I do is comment about her tweets and assess her blog posts & I get attacked through her tweets & the Tila Army tweets. So for this blog entry the only evidence I am using will be from Tila Tequila herself. That way she cannot say I am lying, attacking, etc. Tila, I apologize if I hurt your feelings. I never meant to actually upset you. Maybe my posts will help you to come to terms with your lies and realize that you need to make some changes. You are almost 30, and I hope that you will realize all the potential power that you have, and how much you could accomplish if you changed some things about yourself. I hope that Dr. Drew can help you out, and I will be watching. I watched both seasons of Shot at Love, and I was in love with it. It was sweet, and you and Bobby were cute. So, I feel bad that out of all the mean posts, the one that affected you the most were the posts that were NOT mean to you, but the ones that exposed you WITHOUT being mean or calling names. I guess it's time to focus on Perez. I will probably do a Perez vs Tila post comparing the two. I am working on a Future of Journalism post dealing with Skype interviews for journalism. I do have to thank Tila. Your attention helped to promote me, had me gain more followers, and showed people how mature and how much of an impact I actually have. I have been complimented on my skills as a journalist & blogger and how I am able to criticize and expose without personally attacking. This however is a personal message to you. I decided to make it public like your posts to Lindsay, because I would like this to be read by all. By the way, I am listening to your song Paralyze at the moment - I love that song and I wish that you would record more songs like it. I wish you the best Tila, and I hope that you can see that I never attacked you or was "out to get you." I never even insulted you. Good luck with everything, and I hope one day you can look back and maybe thank me or maybe even apologize to me for all the things you said to me & all the tweets you made attacking me. Even attacking my weight when you said yourself we all need to stick together as women and support each other's bodies. I am not concerned with my weight, because I am not insecure and I am not fat. I do not comment on your blog by the way. My name "nikky" is not even able to be in your comments. So, I hope that one day you may actually apologize and realize I was never a "hater" and I never directly insulted or attacked you. Wish you the best of luck, and I hope that maybe you'll try to be more honest and live up to what you say. I still may make the occasional post if there are any new fiascos, but for now I will leave the investigating to Tila's Rot Spot - they are very good at what they do & they actually have tried to reach out and help you as well. I have respect for them. I will let them continue to do what they do, and if I see something really needs to be covered then I will assist. If you don't make anymore lies or actually adopt a child, create a charity, keep your stories consistent, stop contradicting yourself, fly a fan out to live like a celebrity, or create a web site that doesn't focus on yourself then I may even post about how you have changed & how you are living up to your words. Hope you read this & see where I am coming from. - Nikky Raney

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  1. Very good post Nikky. I'm sure Tila or someone in her army will make sure she see this and come down on you even harder.

    I understand you're trying to make her see the error of her ways but trust me, it will be in vain. Tila thinks there is nothing wrong with her and everyone else is wrong.

    IMO, she is lost more than anyone could ever imagine.

    I wish you much success with your journalism career. I have no doubt you will do well.

  2. I wouldn't be surprised if nothing more has been said about this because the adoption officials saw what kind of lifestyle "Tila" lives and decided to deny her custody of this(these) child(ren.) Seriously - if I worked for an adoption agency and saw a video on the internet of this woman who's supposed to be adopting a child with her arms all cut up talking about how she did drugs, blacked out, and hurt herself while trashing her room - I'd deny the application too.


    Nikky: I went on to TMZ blog roll at 7:00 pm on Monday 6/21 and I do not see listed on their blog roll... I also sent this link to Rotti thru Facebook... Could she have typed in her name, copy and pasted for her blog ???? I love your posts...

  4. Diana K5:21 PM

    We love you Nikky 8) !

  5. Diana5:21 PM

    We love you Nikky!

  6. Nikky, you are fabulous. You will absolutely be a success at anything you chose to do in life, the polar opposite of Tila and her mutant army of misfits.

    One little nitpicking detail though ---- there were actually FOUR "confirmed" adoptions. There was also the African American baby in Oakland that mysteriously dropped off the face of the earth when she said she was traveling to meet with the adoption agency.

  7. Way to keep it above level, Nikki. That alone will get you far in this world.

  8. i would say yes she made up the blogroll thing but i went on the website when she posted it and did see her name/website. and even clicked it to confirm ;) but it sure wasn't up there long which is really odd.

    why would they put her on and immediately just take her back off it makes no sense

  9. Well done Nikky. It's sad to see a grown woman so intent on destorying not only herself, but everyone in her orbit. Army or Haterz, or somewhere inbetween, it seems she expects blind devotion and screams bloody murder when someone starts asking questions.

    I don't hate her, but I don't pity her either. She is a monster of her own creation, and I sincerely hope that one day she'll wake up and deal with the consequences of her actions. Every person deserves "a shot" at life. Right now she's merely existing.

    Good luck Nikky, I really do enjoy reading your blog, and I see greatness in you. I'll comment more often in your other entries!