CNN's Sara Sidner Becomes Star Of Mumbia, India Taj Mahal Hotel Terrorist Attack Story

If you're watching the terrorist attacks in Mumbia, India on CNN or were drawn to their coverage by Twitter Tweets , you can't miss the intelligent, clear, melodic voice and pretty face of my friend CNN Correspondent Sara Sidner.  

Just over one year ago, Sara Sidner, was a popular local television anchor holding the Saturday evening spot on KTVU Channel Two in Oakland, and serving the San Francisco Bay Area.  But Sara apparently decided the men she picked out were not working out in the Bay Area -- just kidding -- and elected to try travel around the World.  

She took a position with CNN International.  

The last time I saw Sara was in the KTVU Studio when I was there for a meeting.  She's so busy, she's hard to consistently pin down, literally.  Still, that was true for all of us in a small band of friends that met up at this party or that around San Francisco.  When she wasn't working, which by her own admission was way too much, I'd see Sara at events that were coordinated by my friend Beth, who -- now it can be told -- wanted me to meet "this really cute African American woman" she knew I'd hit it off with.

She was right.    (That's Sara, me, and Beth, in the photo)

That first encounter happened about three years ago at a little gathering: a party Beth threw at her place for us to watch the NCAA Finals and for me to meet Sara, where Florida (Sara's alma mater) played UCLA.  Beth's instincts were correct -- we did hit it off.  Sara's funny most of the time, great at banter, and possessing a rather quick wit -- not better than mine, but she'll pass.  

The first time I realized Sara was so cool was the first time she and I got together in San Francisco during a Christmas Party, where we ended up walking off to an impromptu dinner.  Truth be told, that ring she's wearing isn't one I got for her but it does look nice on her. Yes, we all had as nice a time as the photos would show.  Sara is really as busy as I am, so I can report this: 

Sara's a workaholic.  

I'm not surprised Sara's performing so well in India -- what I love is her candor in, for example, explaining how CNN lost it's India regional broadcast permit and had to use phones to call in the news --  but I have to admit I wondered why she picked India, of all places in the first place.  The first time I got wind that Sara was in India -- she was in Atlanta for spell where CNN's headquarters are -- was via Beth after my first appearance on CNN International during the Democratic National Convention.  Apparently, Sara was in a hotel bar, saw me on television, and sent an email to Beth, who called me.  "Sara fell out of her chair", Beth said.  

I kinda hoped that would happen.   

But I always wondered why India, and now after seeing CNN's coverage of the Mumbia terrorist story, and Sara's performance, I know why.  She knew where the action was to get that one story which would lead to the big break she certainly deserves. 

This one.  

Right on, Sara!   This time, I'm not falling out of my chair.  I knew I'd see you on the World stage!  It suits you well.  Just stay away from the wrong guys over there!  


Speaking, er, writing of the wrong guys, it seems like Sara's got a handful of them to deal with in the form of some irate Indian bystanders in this video where it sound like she can be heard screaming "stop it" after the camera light went off.  I'm checking for updates like this one on Mediabistro , and here's the video:

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  1. Anonymous8:27 AM

    Sara is the Buzzz here in ATL. There was talk last night about giving her a reg on spot on CNN//US. She is one of CNN's up and coming stars!
    Professional, Courageous, Diligent, Steadfast........

    Hey Sara.....How about "The STEEL REORT" with Sara Sidner? I kicked that out there last night to some CNN people. Keep up the good work.

    BTW- Wolf called you "Courageous" on air and Larry King paid you a similar compliment. You are now officially on the radar!!

  2. Anonymous8:13 AM

    you ar hot.

    love you.

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