Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Adam Lambert AMA Video YouTube - Lambert "Got Carried Away"

 Adam Lambert likes girls too!

The Adam Lambert AMA Video on YouTube is viral, in fact when you think of all the versions of the video flying around the Internet and not just on YouTube, Adam Lambert's going to give Miley Cyrus a run for her money in the raunch department. Well, OK, he makes Miley Cyrus look like, well, a Disney TV show.

This is Adam Lambert in action in a YouTube video at the AMA:

But remember that woman who stormed the stage when Adam Lambert performed at his high school earlier this year? This scene that I talked about in my video:

I'll bet that woman's wishing she was on stage with Adam Lambert at the AMAs. Which gets to my point: such actions as the one that Adam Lambert performed at the AMA do impact what the audience thinks these artists are "about" and so causes more possible future "rush the stage" actions. If Adam Lambert's fans thinks he's that free and accessible, someone who's not wound tight will try that again or stalk him, or worse.

Look, I hope that does not happen, but again my point is such outlandish public actions don't happen in a closet: they impact society in different ways, some unpredictable.

I can understand Adam getting carried away with, er, himself and others, but it wasn't necessary. Does it get his name out there? Heck, yes! But think about what Adam Lambert just did. In a new media environment with this video going all over the place, Adam Lambert pushed the bar of what's acceptable taste to a higher level.

Or lowered it depending on your perspective.

Adam Lambert also, perhaps unknowingly, ushered in an era of sexual expression as performance art, but separated by sexual orientation. In other words, I'm waiting for the female performer to grab a male guitarist and push his head "down there".

Lambert said the female artists like Lady GaGa and Janet Jackson get away with actions wilder than his, but I have to totally disagree with him because no woman's ever done anything that tops his act. I've never seen a female singer do what he did at the AMA Awards.

But I'm betting someone will try. The question is who? My money's on Lady GaGa. What say you? Adam Lambert has started a 'sexual stage performance nuclear war' that has no end in sight, except possible the FCC.

But what's the FCC gonna do that stops this indecency battle in its tracks? The Federal Communications Commission hasn't shown the ability to put the breaks on visuals distributed via new media to date; I don't see them getting a handle on it without the help of companies like Google.

Stay tuned.


  1. Anonymous8:45 PM

    adam lambert's simulated oral sex is hardly new. janet jackson included male dancers simulating oral sex on female dancers (including miss jackson) in her set choreography for the song "if" way back in 1993, and i don't remember any outrage back then. looks like a major double standard to me.

  2. Susan7:27 AM

    As much as I disagree with Adam Lambert's performance, I also agree with his statement about others getting by with pushing the limits. Maybe no one has watched Dancing With the Stars or other recent music award shows. There is obvious genital attention in all of these shows. Yes, it is either female/male or female/female attention, but it is still there. Again, I am not agreeing with the choices Adam made, but I believe that either there is a moral line on television, or there isn't. Everyone who has paid attention to Adam knows he is gay and he likes to push limits. I didn't appreciate the show, but I do see Mr. Lambert's opinion on the controversy.

  3. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Adam has an amazing talent, he is beautiful, and should not get carried away with all the hollywood sex craze. Adam doesn't need this for fans to appreciate such marvelous talent, and yes there are double standards and people are hypocrites.

  4. conducted a study among 307 viewers of a news clip featuring “American Idol" runner-up Adam Lambert’s performance at the American Music Awards revealed that the majority of viewers (80%) reported that the performance was not appropriate. Furthermore, half of the viewers (50%) indicated that public reaction would have been different if a woman had given the performance. More in depth results can be seen at:

  5. Anonymous11:35 AM

    So what!!!! who cares!!! now he's famous and my favorite artist!!! With what I see he has made history and has started a beau Revolution for everyone who cares about our sexuality!!! whether your bi, gay, lesbain, or if your straight!!!! If you've got a problem with this message come and see me and we'll talk!!! New Castle, IN!!!! ASK FOR *BamBam* !!!

  6. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Adam's my hero!!! my hero's are hard to come by. My hero's are the gay's that show them selves in public!!! that takes a lot of guts!!!

    Go Adam!!! Keep on strutn'!!!!

  7. Anonymous9:53 PM

    Adam Lambert like Lady Gaga is a voice of our new generation. A generation where we have the uncontrollable urge to let the world know who we are, this including our sexuality. They are pillars to all the rest of us out there hiding because of society's social standard. Who's standards are they anyways?! NOT MINE. They were made by our predeceasing generation. Perhaps these preconceptions were needed for society at that time. However, they are not needed now. I AGREE with what Adam did in his performance. He is an entertainer, a singer & dancer. His action were spur of the moment, sexy, and flowed with the music. I also believe if these actions were done with a girl there would not have been a quarter of coverage on the subject. Unfortunately since the world is still so CLOSED MINDED, HOMOPHOBIC & PREJUDICE, it does not surprise me how the media has taken the incident by storm. I believe that the future will hold many more artists like Adam Lambert and Lady Gaga, who will push the limits of norms and sexuality and in turn help set a platform where all kinds of people can feel free prejudice and prosecution for being themselves.

  8. Patrick8:58 PM

    I would say Adam's performance was crazy and a bit inappropriate. I don't care if a woman or a man does that performance with a woman or a man. However, I am a fan of Adam's, so I still support him. I have seen him make all sorts of explanations and excuses for why his performance was what it was. A) He was expressing the words to the song. B) It was at about 11:00 p.m. and little kids shouldn't be watching it. C) He is his own free artist now, and Idol doesn't have any control over him anymore. If that's how he want's to make a music video and perform on stage, then let it be. You gotta admit that he has one heck of a voice, and he is one wild performer regardless of how inappropriate out of control it may be.

    Way to be creative Adam! Can't wait to see what you come up with next and what kind of video Gaga comes up with in response to your new naughty song, For Your Entertainment.

  9. Anonymous8:23 AM

    why is he with a woman. He is without a doubt GAY! I would prefer if he would stick to men like a the American Music Awards.

  10. Anonymous7:24 AM

    Dear above Anonymous, please get it through to your thick head that men can be attracted to BOTH genders.

  11. Anonymous12:13 PM

    I read this shaking my head because everybody got a chubby on when two straight women kissed on stage and gave lesbians everywhere a bad name (And yes I CAN say this because I AM one), but when a man who is actually openly supportive towards gays and says he is gay on his Twitter Page and on his video for the 'It Gets Better' Anti-Gay Bullying Rally does it then it becomes a crime.
    Your children are more accepting then you are, and some will GROW UP to BE gay. If your children are so easily 'emotionally scarred' the perhaps you should get a plastic bubble for them to live in and lock them in there instead. Or perhaps it's about time you close minded of the word get over yourselves and learn to leave the rest of us to embrace who we are, because we're here and we're going to do it whether you like it or not.
    If you straight people can kiss in public or on stage then so can I, with or without your permission.
    Feel free to bash if you MUST prove my point but I likely won't be checking back any time soon so your words of hate will not effect me at all :3

    P.S. Adam doesn't have to make excuses for you. He's a living person and will do as he chooses. Whether or not 'you' like it.

  12. Anonymous10:06 PM

    I think that Adam's performance was brilliant. He was jus acting out the song and since he was a broadway star what do you expect? I mean when you look at Adam do you really expect an innocent naive performance? Heck nahh! You look at him and think "Thi is going to be a show! Adam always delivers." He's a bold, brave man. And he just wants people to understand who he is. He is gay. Take it or leave it. You may disagree with it, but get over it. Because Adam is where it's at and he knows what he is doing. He has a glamily and we are here to support him no matter what all the haters think. We'll stand by him thru thick and thin and we will support his every move because that's what family does. We love you Adam. Don't ever forget that.

  13. lindo ele é um gato simples um belo talento que Deus deu pra ele amo só não gostei muito pq ele é sabém como é