Anna Chapman: real Russian spy out before Angelina Jolie 's Salt movie

In what must be a wild coincidence, Anna Chapman - who looks a little like Angelina Jolie - is accused of being a real Russian spy just weeks before Angelina Jolie's Salt movie is released on July 23rd. And that news of two hot women (OK, Anna Chapman's way too skinny to be considered hot but why not play along?) has pushed the news about Megan Fox getting married off the trend charts for today. Sorry Megan, this blogger will get back to you.

Before we go further, we have to see the great Salt movie trailer.

Who is Anna Chapman?

Anna Chapman

According to the New York Daily News, Anna Chapman ran a New York online real estate company worth $2 million and is one of 11 accused Russian secret agents arrested by the FBI and who allegedly operated in Boston, Seattle and Arlington, Va.

Apparently, she was caught in the middle of a mission, but what the NY Daily News posts reads as no bid deal. There must be more than this:

FBI agents found the Verizon phone contract and Motorola charger along with packaging for calling cards that can be used for international calls in a trash can after Chapman was arrested, according to the complaint.

Angelina Jolie

The court document also details Chapman's interactions with an undercover FBI agent who fed her instructions for preparing a fake passport to transfer to another female spy.

She was instructed to hold a magazine a certain way to signal the other spy to initiate contact.

Chapman is quoted in the complaint repeating back the following instructions: "Okay, tomorrow at 11, I am going to be sitting at one of the benches, she is going to ask me if she saw me in California. I am going to say no, it was in the Hamptons. I will take the documents, tell her to sign. I will hold the journal, this is how she will recognize me."

She was arrested before the mission was carried out. Chapman appeared in Manhattan federal court on June 28, 2010 with four other alleged spies.

Fine, but what was she doing in the mission? Why?

It's about as interesting as Angelina Jolie's Salt movie, but in that case Angelina Jolie's a CIA agent accused of being a Russian spy and goes on the run; we don't get to see Anna Chapman on the run. We do get to see her Facebook page.

The main question is what was this 11-person so-called Russian spy ring doing. That's not answered. In the Salt movie, we know Angelina Jolie is suspected to be planning to get the American President. But in real life, what was Anna Chapman doing?

More soon.
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