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Larry Sinclair Is A Texan Obama Hater / Liar Who Supports Ron Paul

UPDATE Larry Sinclair admits he has TEXAS speeding tickets!

There's a major sicko liar of a person named Larry Sinclair who's making claims about Obama I will not discuss here. But I will report that Sinclair, who was stupid enough to post his fake adress as 600 W Superior St Duluth, MN 55802, which is an "assisted living" facility called Gateway Assisted Living!

Then this totally terrible man proves how bright he IS NOT by making a YouTube video I will not link to, wearing a -- get this -- "Everything Is Bigger In Texas" shirt!! Now, how likely is it that a young guy in an assisted living facility in Minnesota would even wear a shirt with Texas on it? First, assisted living facilities are for the elderly.

And he's speaking with a Texan drawl, in a room with a Mexican Flag (!) in the background and a fan -- a freaking fan -- running. Which means it's hot and he's somewhere in South Texas which is where it's around 80 degrees on February 5th which is when the video was posted, and South Texas is near the boarder!

He's a fake!

Dear Murray has shed light on Sinclair's Ron Paul ties, which is logical not only considering Murray's evidence, but Sinclair's own Texas clues he's stupid enough to offer in his own video.


What an idiot!

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