Jerry Jones: Cowboys Owner Married But With Las Vegas Blondes - Mark Davis Update

This update contains accounts of Oakland Raiders Owner Mark Davis. Why Davis here? because he's in the process of building a new stadium in Las Vegas, and leading the effort to move his football organization to Las Vegas, and started on it with the aide of Jerry Jones. Davis has been tied to behavior in Las Vegas that is similar to Jones, if not more risky. The update is below. Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones should know that eyes are always on him. That's the price paid for being the face of an organization, rather than pulling its strings in the background.   It's the flip side of making hard decisions like firing Wade Phillips or releasing Terrell Owens.

Eyes were on him when Jones made the disrespectful blast before the 2010 NFL Draft about Bill Parcells and about how Tim Tebow would not "get on the field" if he was chosen by The Dallas Cowboys...

Eyes were on him when Jones was in Las Vegas Tuesday night, too.

According to and, Jones was seen with a young blonde woman at the Lavo nightclub in the Venetian Hotel, and took this photo with her.

Now, "seen" doesn't in itself mean anything. The woman could have been a fan or a friend of a friend. So at first glance, there's no harm. Except, of course, for the fact that Mr. Jones isn't wearing his wedding ring. He's got what appears to be a Cowboys Super Bowl ring on.

Yep. Jerry Jones is married, and has been attached to Gene Jones, but that hasn't apparently hasn't stopped him from having a good time with other women, and on a scale that reportedly rivals Tiger Woods before Thanksgiving 2009.

Eyes have been on Jerry Jones for a long time.

Jeff Pealman's book Boys Will Be Boys: The Glory Days and Party Nights of the Dallas Cowboys Dynasty, the account of "sex, drugs, and debauchery" of the Dallas Cowboys of the dynasty years of the 90s, when the organization earned three Super Bowl wins in 1993, 1994, and 1996.

That was a pretty wild and weird bunch, a far cry from the Christian values of Tom Landry's Cowboys. If it wasn't Charles Haley masturbating in front of teammates, or the team's need for what it called "skanks" to be around them, to the behavior of Jerry Jones as reported by "GMoney:"

Jerry Jones used to make his private plane shake in flight because he was banging his mistress so hard in the back. He also would ask his employee's wives if they were wearing panties and that if she would give him 5 minutes, he would take her to heaven...right in front of their husbands who were, as I said, employed by Jones.

Then there was the recent civil complaint filed September 30, 2010, in which a Patricia Gavin alleges that the same Jerry Jones who owns the Dallas Cowboys, which, while questionable in that it makes Ms. Gavin look like a pleasure-seeker who may be twisting events to get $500 million from Jones, seems to follow the pattern of behavior Jones is said to practice in Pearlman's book.

And eyes were on Jones at Lavo nightclub in the Venetian Hotel, beyond that photo.  The reports that Jones was with "this young lady" "all night long":

Yes it did happen. This young lady was with him all night long, and my friends in security told me they followed them on camera all the way to a suite with 1 other female. I must say Jerry Jones is a true “Gentleman” and has more game than any Trout I’ve seen here in 11 years.

And note, they followed Jones with a camera! Eyes are always on Jerry Jones, but this blogger has to ask, why does the media pay no attention to Jones, whereas they paid a ton of attention to Tiger Woods?

For all of his romps in the hay, Woods was never, once, sued for sexual assault. And Woods is worth more than Jones. Yet, the media's had a field day in destroying Tiger Woods, where the married Jerry Jones continues to party like a rock star almost under the radar?  Why do we continuously read about Brett Favre and sexting Jenn Starger, but not the fun Jerry Jones has in Las Vegas or anywhere else?   What does Jerry's wife think about all of this?  If she's cool with it, then it's cool, right?  

Is the media afraid of a rich, white male NFL Owner?  Or is it that Jerry Jones is so likeable, which is true, the sports media tends to look the other way?

As our hip hop journalist Davey D would say, "something to ponder."

Mark Davis Update 

Mark Davis' love for Las Vegas showgirls is no secret.  In fact, two years ago, this blogger asked a friend who's also a good friend of Davis why he was so determined to move the Raiders to Las Vegas, even though he had sellouts in Oakland?  

"Well," my friend said, "I know he's got a couple of girls in Las Vegas."   I was stunned, saying "You mean we're being put through all of this for a couple of women?"   

My friend's out-of-the-blue statement was baked by photo after photo of Mark Davis in Las Vegas hanging out with different women.  This blogger does not fault Davis for having a girlfriend or two, but there has not seemed to be one woman.  


That would seem to imply the existence of a dangerous mix: a rich NFL Owner who only achieved status in 2011, and with the passing of his legendary father, Al Davis, now able to live the kind of life he's wanted.  But he's by anyone judgement not competing with George Clooney in the looks department, and doesn't posses the body of Adonis.  What he has are three things generally
attractive to women: money, power, and a football team.  


That mix can be advantageous to its holder or lethal to its holder.  In Davis case, he has enough recorded partnerships to cause one to be concerned that a dangerous encounter is just around the corner.  

On top of that, he's hanging out with Jones in Las Vegas.  Given Jones' past track record, it's fair to ask if Davis copied some of the path set by the Cowboys Owner and partner in the business of building Las Vegas Stadium.  


It was Jones who got Davis the NFL Owner votes that allowed him to embark on a move from Oakland that's been painful for everyone.  Now, Davis and Jones are joined at the hip: Jones is responsible for the gathering of sponsors for Las Vegas Stadium as well as LA Rams new stadium in Inglewood. 

With all of that, Mark Davis has to be careful.  He can't afford to continue the habit of hanging out at strip clubs at night.  A few years ago, Davis was seemingly without a care:

Raiders owner Mark Davis hangs out at LA strip club

It's not easy being Raiders owner Mark Davis: Your team has the worst stadium in football, you haven't had winning season since 2002 and you don't even know where you're going to be located next year.
Actually, scratch all that because sometimes it is easy being Mark Davis, like the other day when he got to hold a business meeting at a strip club.
Sam's Hofbrau, an adult cabaret in Los Angeles, recently posted a picture of Davis on their Instagram page.
Next to the picture, the cabaret posted the caption, "Look who stopped by tonight for some #Viptreatment #MarkDavis Principal Owner of the Oakland Raiders. Thank You!!!"
Now, Davis hanging out at a strip club in Los Angeles doesn't mean Raiders fans in Oakland need to start panicking about a possible move -- or does it mean exactly that?
In Davis' picture, the cabaret also included the hashtag #LA next to Oakland Raiders, along with the hashtag #BusinessMeetings.
The woman in the picture, a hostess at Sam's, was asked on Instagram why Davis was at the cabaret, she was also asked if he talked about the Raiders moving to Los Angeles.
Her response?
"He's a personal friend of the owners. Very sweet and very humble and possibilities are definitely there. Yes he's in LA for something like that."
If an adult cabaret employee in Los Angeles broke the news of a Raiders move to LA, that would definitely be right up there with the time that Rob Lowe "broke" the news that Peyton Manning was retiring. Anyway, next time you're out in public this year, keep your eyes peeled for Davis because he seems to be everywhere. Over the past month alone, he's been spotted at Hooters and boarding a Southwest flight in Denver.

Mark Davis has to be careful. One wrong move by Davis with a girlfriend in Las Vegas could translate to key sponsors jumping ship, costing the Raiders and Legends Hospitality hundreds of millions of much-needed dollars, and wrecking the relocation effort in the process. 

As it turned out, it did mean exactly that.  

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  1. Anonymous7:27 PM

    Note: Woods is not nearly worth as much as Jerry Jones. ... Please get your facts right.

  2. Are you NUTS! Tiger Woods is a BILLIONAIRE. He passed that status in 2009. I have my facts straight. You should use the Internet for research rather than dumbass flaming.

  3. Anonymous10:32 AM

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Anonymous10:34 AM

    Facts.. We need real facts.

  5. Tiger Woods cleared $1 Billion in earnings October of 2009. Jerry Jones Cowboys stadium was built not with his own money, but with a $300 million public finance bond (which is a kind of loan) by the City of Arlington. So if Jerry defaults on the bond, the City of Arlington, not Jerry, owns the Cowboys Stadium. So, YOU do homework "Anonymous"...LOL.

  6. Anonymous7:11 PM

    actually jerry made 420 million last year that bond will be paid quite fast and gets a big share in a 4 billion dollar market of tv. he is worth far more than tiger woods


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