Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Laure Manaudou Nude Photos Posted Days After She Took Gold in 400M Freestyle


Laure Manaudou's a 20-year-old World Class swimmer from France who's so famous she's been knighted, and who took the 400 metres freestyle in Europe last weekend. But rather than bask in the sun of a victory Laure Manaudou has to deal with how nude pictures of her surfaced on the Internet.

Personally, I think the photos are from her ex-future husband Luca Martin, who was dumped by Laure Manaudou for Friench swimmer Benjamin Stasiulis. All of the accounts are in Italian, French, and Spanish, not English, so it takes some digging to determine if this is so.

But I think so. Look, Luca's about 20 years old, so it's not like he' used to getting dumped on a regular basis over decades. He's still new to the game. So I think he's scorned and this is his way of striking back.

More on the story here.

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