Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lou Dobbs Lying About Obama and Lobbyists

I happen to have my tv on CNN, or turned it on, and saw Lou Dobbs talking about the role of lobbyists in the campaign. Then Lou launches into what is an incredible lie about Senator Barack Obama and lobbyists. The campaign has not taken money from Federal Lobbyists and now has caused the Democratic Party itself to do the same, and the Obama campaign has raised record levels of money in the process.

With all of this, Dobbs continues to spread lie after lie about Obama and is apparently too much of an intellectual coward to have an Obama representative on his show. If I were a guest, I'd eat Dobbs for lunch in a debate.

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  1. Lou Dobbs is a joke and need to quite saying he is an independent. He is the biggest Republic out there. You are an embarrsement to real indpendents. Nett