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Becca Manns Picks Up Where Texas High School Cheerleaders Leave Off - Litterally

Not to be out-done in the young-white-girl-gets-naked-has-picts-taken-which-are-on-Internet storyline is Becca Manns. Becca Manns is the University of Louisville Cheerleader who had her sexy pics spread all over the Internet. Some say it was the fault of a jealous boyfriend, but whatever the reason Manns was kicked out of college entirely and her parents are fighting to get her back in. This is far worse than anything Britney Spears has done, but given the buzz on this, she may start later on.

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I've got to wonder why it is that the woman of focus is always white and blonde? Why? I mean it's not as if there aren't Black women out there shakin it for the camera, right? But the ones that are always mentioned are blonde. That's weird. It can be this or some teacher-sex scandal, but the one constant is the woman is a hot blonde.

I don't think that's the fault of hot blondes, but rather a kind of racial and sexual discrmination commonly practiced. But what seems to make this just fine with the people in charge is how many women-of-color are going to step-up and claim equal time with horny white chicks?

I am waiting for the one who does. It could happen with the right backing. Meanwhile, Ms. Manns should consider the sex industry.

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