Chatroulette gets a much needed revision By Nikky Raney

Chatroulette will be rereleased today, August 23, 2010.

Chatroulette was created by Russian teenager Andrey Ternovskiy in 2009 when he was 17.  He is now working to make the site more "user-friendly."

It's no secret that anyone who has ever used Chatroulette has been bombarded with men's genitalia. Personally using the site there were six men popping up showing themselves off to thousands on the site, and after clicking "next" and "report as offensive" for six times, the seventh to show up was a couple of guys dancing, fully clothed thankfully.

Ternovskiy has previously stated that in the new version of Chatroulette users would when clicking "next" would be directed to those who are "nexted" the least - meaning that the users who are frequently "nexted" would be skipped.

PC World writes of the relaunch by asking, "Is Chatroulette cleaning up its X-Rated act?" The post reiterates the fact that Chatroulette is known most for all the male vulgarity that appears.

With all the pop ups across the web with "Sexy Singles" always featuring girls half naked asking "Want to watch me on web cam?" it is surprising that on Chatroulette the majority of those using their webcam are men ranging from young to old.

There are some people that go on Chatroulette just to meet others and have a good laugh, but most of those who occupy the web site use it as an opportunity to have others watch them doing vulgar acts.

A charted web analysis of Chatroulette was done by RJ Metrics as reported by Tech Crunch. The information obtained details from 2,883 Chatroulette sessions that covered geographical location, gender, appearance, etc.

Some of their findings include:

  • When one spins on Chatroulette (clicking "next) a person is most likely to be connected to someone from the USA. The second most likely country to be connected to is France. 
  • Of the spins which show a single person in front of the webcam 89 percent were male and 11 percent were female, and there is a better chance of having a webcam encounter with an advertisement or no person at all than with a female.
  • 8 percent of spins show multiple groups of people behind the web cam. The ratio is one in three females appears in a group, while one in 12 males appear in a group.
  • 1 in eight spins yields something that is R-rated or worse.
  • One is twice as likely to encounter a sign (usually written on a white piece of printer paper with a sharpie) requesting female nudity, than to actually encounter female nudities.
  • About 70 percent of the users are young adults, 20 percent are under 20 and 10 percent are 40 or older.
  • Female users are mostly younger than the male users. In the group sessions 65 percent of the time the females were teens or younger; while 36 percent of the time males were teens or younger.
  • There were no recorded group webcam time with people 40 or older, so the older ones are the ones who like to go solo while the younger ones like to enjoy Chatroulette as a group experience.
  • 47 percent of the users are from the United States.
  • Italy has the highest concentration of solo males at 98 percent.
  • The overall pervert rate on Chatroulette is 13 percent which includes nudity, explicit nudity and committing a lewd act.
  • Less than 1 percent of chats well feature a female pervert.
  • The United Kingdom features the highest percentage of perverts on Chatroulette at 22 percent. 
  • The United States has the lowest pervert rate at 10 percent.
All photos are from an actual Chatroulette session Nikky Raney had. (There will also be a video on Youtube published later. The Chatroulette session took place in order to obtain first hand information.)

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  1. Anonymous9:50 AM

    Dont agree with chatroulette but its better to have the pervs in cyber space than on the streets.

  2. I do not think chatroulette will reopen anytime soon.

    If it was a software or server issue it would have probably been already resolved. If it's a new version, why remove the old one before the new one is ready?

    Starting to get shady at Chatroulette.......

    Luckily there are many sites like, try
    it's free and lists over 20 working ChatRoulette's!


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