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Apple iTunes Ping: Seesmic Ping.fm Issue Aside, Ping Is Panned

Apple iTunes 10 Ping Social Network was rolled out yesterday, and to a broad chorus of "Meh." There are a number of problems right out of the gate that are to due to poor product concept and execution.

The first problem is the name itself: a direct rip-off of Seesmic's Ping.fm social network aggregation system.

That leads to another problem of search identity: a Google Search reveals Seesmic's Ping.fm just two spots over Apple's Ping, and because of the similarities, including the mention of social networking, the the fact that for Seesmic "ping" is a URL destination, Apple's Ping may never over take Seemic's Ping.fm.

That leads to a third issue, that Ping.com Golf drivers are helped by Apple's Ping error.

So, right out of the box, Apple robs itself of the maximum number of users with this online noise and confusion. But that's just the start of a list of issues.

As pointed out on Tech Blogger Robert Scoble's Twitter page @Scobleizer and by a number of friends and followers, Apple's Ping not only lacks integration with Facebook, but finding noted artists, like The Black Eyed Peas, is an improbability. Witness this tweet:

The Who." Fail. "Beatles." Fail. "Elton John." Fail. Just what kind of musician IS in Apple's iTunes Ping? @myspace wins. about 5 hours ago via web

Indeed, Apple's Ping's compared to MySpace, which is still a very relevant social network for the introduction of music artists, and comes up looking very bad. Apple's Ping fail may be the instrument for the rival of MySpace.com Here's another tweet of evidence:

Search on @myspace for "Black Eyed Peas" works. On Apple Ping? Nope. And they were even in an iPod commercial! about 6 hours ago via web

Apple's Slipping

Whatever's going on over at Apple, it can't seem to stop tripping over itself of late.  If it's not the name of the iPad being offensive to women, or the iPhone's antenna issue, or the decision to even name it's new music based social network Ping, and all of its other problems, Apple doesn't seem to be thinking it's product actions through to their logical conclusions.

At the very least, and in a crowded environment of social networks, Apple had many examples to follow.  In Apple's Ping, the firm doesn't seem to have learned anything from them, or followed logic.

If Facebook connectivity is expected, don't avoid giving it just because, "talks fizzled."   If Facebook was being difficult, it would have been better to broadcast that issue and use it as leverage, either for Facebook to cooperate, or to construct a workaround alternative.

Instead, it looks like Apple just said, "Screw what we don't have.  Just release it anyway."

Stay tuned.

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