John Edwards' Alledged Lover Rielle Hunter Pregnant By Either "Edwards Operative" Or Edwards Himself







As John Edwards prepares to go negative on Barack Obama after Obama's big Iowa win, there's a looming spectre of a story that should be of concern to him and it seems to be.

This is a story that will not go away and it comes up again, as The National Enquirer and Sam Stein over at the Huffington Post first introduced a story asserting that former U.S. Senator and Presidential Candidate John Edwards had an affair in 2006.

I wrote about it a while back , but focused on the Enquirer / Clinton angle. But I'm done with that as the story has massive legs.

Now, the Enquirer is reporting that the woman of interest as the supposed lover, Rielle Hunter is pregnant, and has a photo , shown here, to prove it. Now this is where the story gets even weirder. Because both the Enquirer and the Huff Post report...

Now, as the Enquirer has published photos of a clearly pregnant Hunter, she has gone on the record confirming that she is pregnant but denying that Edwards is the father. She claims that the biological father is Edwards operative Andrew Young, a married man who confirms both his extramarital affair with Hunter and that the baby is his. Hunter, who lived in New York, has recently relocated to a gated community in North Carolina near Young and his family. But, the Enquirer claims that Hunter is privately telling friends that Edwards fathered the baby.

That's the Huff Post's watered -down version of what the Enquirer reported, which is this:

The ENQUIRER has now confirmed not only that Rielle is expecting, but that she's gone into hiding with the help of a former aide to Edwards. The visibly pregnant blonde has relocated from the New York area to Chapel Hill, N.C., where she is living in an upscale gated community near political operative Andrew Young, who's been extremely close to Edwards for years and was a key official in his presidential campaign.

And in a bizarre twist, Young — a 41-year-old married man with young children — now claims HE is the father of Rielle's baby! But others are skeptical, wondering if Young's paternity claim is a cover-up to protect Edwards.

And what's interesting even more is that the Huff Post's original article by Sam Stein was taken down. But this Google search result will show that it was Sam Stein who gave more life to the story.

So let me get this straight. It's not Edwards, but an Edwards "oprative" -- who's marrried? Either way you spin it -- Edwards or Edwards operative -- the story seems, well, seemy at best with two married men behaving badly. Take your pick. And one things for sure : it's connected with John Edwards, one way or another.

It also brings up a question" will a John Edwards Presidency be like a Bill Clinton affair, all over again, with another sex scandal and a "Monica Lewinsky" running around?

The other question is why is the mainstream press ignoring this story that's all over the Internet? Redstate raises this issue, quoting Mickey Kaus...

"But there's a second way to divide the electorate that asks how the voters inform themselves. Do they rely on the traditional Mainstream Media (MSM), or do they get their political information from the Web, from cable news, from the tabloids, etc. This division may have once seemed unimportant, but it doesn't anymore--its seriousness is suggested by the MSM's impressive resistance to stories bubbling up from the blogs and the tabs that don't meet MSM standards (putting aside whether you regard those standards as high or merely idiosyncratic). "Rielle Hunter"--the woman whom the National Enquirer alleges was John Edwards' mistress--was the top-searched name on the MSN site at one point Thursday, I'm told. Meanwhile, in the traditional mainstream press, 'Rielle Hunter" was mentioned only ... well, zero times.
Of the two ways to divide the electorate, the second is arguably more important. After all, even those who don't follow politics, will eventually inform themselves before the election.** But if the MSM/Web barrier remains as robust as it's been, those who inform themselves from the MSM will find out something different, when they finally tune in, than those who go to the Web and learn both the news and what might be called the "undernews."

But this thing -- this story -- is all over the blogsphere, and as Bloggers have pointed out as well , the CNN's and ABCs of the world are trying not to pay attention to it.
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  1. Anonymous7:33 PM

    I predict that the MSM will go after the John Edwards - Rielle Hunter love affair story (with baby in oven now!) ONLY if he looks to be the nominee.

    The MSM would prefer to just ignore any sex scandal of a politician (Democrat, that is), but they may have to cover the story when Ms. Hunter puts John Edwards on the birth certificate as the father. Under some state laws, it's the birth certificate that counts for child support, if the "birth father" does not contest it.

    Once Rielle Hunter determines that it would be much easier to get child support if John Edwards is listed on the birth certificate, I think that Ms. Hunter will let the story out. She knows about John Edwards' fortune and she want it!!

    So, what's this mean? It's my opinion that Rielle Hunter's life could be in danger. John Edwards would do anything to shut her up (and to prevent that baby from being born.) God help her.

  2. Anonymous8:14 PM

    I liked you take on the Edwards alleged affair, but why did you have to bring John McCain into this? Do you not understand that he and his ex-wife are friends, that they had many problems because of his absence of almost 6 years as a POW? Lots of returning military have failed marriages with less time absent. There were marriage problems BEFORE McCain met Cindy. Note also that McCain's first wife was previously married and had two children that he adopted. Those children are now part of Cindy McCain's family business. Quit denigrating a POW survivor to justify a possible Edwards affair. McCain's personal history is totally irrelevant to Edwards.

  3. Anonymous1:59 PM

    Please, he is just another scum sucking politician who can’t keep his Johnson in his pants! And to think his poor wife is enduring this while she is trying to fight cancer!! How can you still be a fan of this low life? Once a cheater always a cheater. BTW, you can’t separate politics and the person its kinda like having your cake and eating it too.

  4. Anonymous10:10 PM

    Actually in your video you mentioned that John Edwards took votes away from Obama early on. At that point in the primaries, it was pretty much Edwards taking votes away from Clinton. If Edwards had not taken those votes away from Clinton, then Clinton's lead would have been untouchable and the momentum would have probably landed her with the nomination with Obama dropping out.

    The truth here is that if not for Edwards, Clinton would have been the nominee!

    This is pretty much what happened with Perot a while back.

    So the anger about Edwards staying in the race and damaging Obama is probably way off base. Edwards in the race took enough votes away from Clinton and allowed Obama the chance to grow in strength. Edwards is the reason that Obama will be the nominee!

  5. Anonymous11:08 AM

    While it's great fodder for the blogsphere and tabloids, it's non-news for the MSM. Why? because Edwards is no longer a contender, no longer a "threat" to the election, and there have been so many similar stories as this one - a politician losing his moral footing - it's now an over-used spice.

    For me, I'm glad that the MSM is not all over this story. There are far more relevant topics to cover in the global - and American non-global - happenings - tha deserve coverage far more than this topic.

    Let me give you one: there is a rpison in Texas - yeah, imagine that, in Texas - that holds families indefinitely. Yup, entire families. There is one there with a (10-year old? Canadian) boy that ended up there because his family was in the Carribean on vacation, a passenger suffered a heart attack, and the plane made an unscheduled stop (in Dallas?).

    Everyone had to deplane, and since his family didn't have a visa for the U.S> (they were not planning to "visit" there) they are now being held. It's been over a year now.

    Of course there's more to this story, and I'll leave it to you to search for it.

    But bringing to the public awareness the plight of such families - there's something like 170 in this one facility - will be a better use of your influence and your typing efforts in the blogsphere than chasing down the nitty gritty on a has-been politician with weak morals.

    Raise yourself above the tabloids - you can be doing something better than digging below the scum they feed on.

  6. Any time at all at the convention given to John Edwards will only reveal how weak and unstable the Democratic party is and how hungry they are to be ruled by lies. An apology from Edwards on TV would only be a lie. It's all about appearances. If his wife stays with him, it's only for appearances. If Ms. Hunter remains quiet, that's only for appearances. The destiny that really is at stake is that of this little girl who is growing up without her father in her home in a completely illegitimate situation. We all should hang our head in shame for that little girl and commit to growing up and recognizing that consequences are ours to be responsible for.

  7. Anonymous4:03 PM

    How did this dog ugly, immature party girl trick two wealthy married men into dating her and even impregnating her? You can tell a lot about these men by their taste in women... PURE TRASH!

  8. lucy, you're comment is absurd and portrays you as uneducated, white trash. Please, labeling a party, what a hoot! Why don't you get outside of your small mindset and maybe leave the strip mall you hang out in long enough to see how toxic your lack of worldiness brings to the world. People like you suck the life out of children w/ hope. Let me guess, the only news you get is from some high school dropout who runs your backass church. George Bush senior had a mistress for 20 years (you think he actually slept w/ Barbara, she has more hair on her chest than George), that was common knowledge in Washington. our recent president has killed thousands of innocent young people for greed and to make his millionaire friend's billionaires, you're ignorance helps aid in the death of our American solidars and innocent Iraquis. You should sign up to go fight and do something worthwhile w/ your pathethic existance.

  9. Anonymous8:50 PM

    Please forward this post as it took me some time to write ...

    Congratulations, John Edwards, I believe that soon you will have achieved the #1 political sex scandal of all time!

    See for yourself how these other sex scandals pale in comparison:

    I love that when this scandal truly breaks open to middle America, he will be shunned. The narcissistic, shallow boy will be shunned - How deliciously ironic.

    I'm not sure I can think of anyone worse than John Edwards in the scandal category.

    Teddy? He was young.

    John K? He at least had an affair with quality women and didn't get any of them PREGNANT while his WIFE IS DYING OF CANCER!

    Bill? Well, he never, how to say, "did" Monica and his transgressions have always been, eh, around the zipper and not, um, outright, well, you know, vaginal penetration.

    Gary? What happens on a boat, stays on a boat!

    Jim? Sexual repression isn't a good thing, especially when your wife encourages a gay-threesome.

    Gary? Killing a young co-ed is pretty bad but not as bad as GETTING A SKANK HO PREGNANT WHILE YOUR WIFE HAS CANCER!

    And to think anyone on the planet actually believed this Ken doll turned trial lawyer who made a billion was a stand-up guy.

    But, clearly Rielle Hunter (formerly know as Lisa Jo Druck) is a videographer of Academy Award caliber. You go, you Hunter girl!

    Oh. Sorry. Here's Rielle being so real:

    And here's some of her most fine work where Edwards seriously believes that anyone gives a flying hoot where, when, or why he would announce his candidacy:

    Can we please get some classy, stand-up, passionate (women) leaders to step up and give this country the values, morals, ethics and leadership it so desperately needs?


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