Saturday, January 12, 2008

Senator Dick Durbin: Obama Always Against Iraq War - Warns Bill Clinton To Stop Obama Attacks

I knew it would come to this point where Illinois Senator Dick Durbin would step into the fray of words between the Obama and Clinton campaigns. In this case, according to Politico, Durbin has said President Bill Clinton’s comments about Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) are getting “too personal,” and called on the former president to refrain from attacking Obama’s integrity.

“I’m really troubled by his questioning the sincerity of Barack Obama’s opposition to the war in Iraq,” Durbin said. “I really think it is unfortunate to question Barack’s sincerity on the war. He has been there from the start, opposing this war.”

That Durbin stepped was a sign of an establishment politco excercizing power over a campaign, to an extent, but also sending a message to the electorate that Senator Obama's role as a U.S. Senator should be respected, something the Clinton people have not done of late.

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