Fire Yamia At Wikipedia - An Overzealous And Prejudicial "Gate Keeper" Who Goes Too Far

There's a person called "Yamia" at Wikipedia who I'm openly lobbying to be removed from his "gate keeper" role. Yamia's role has obviously caused the person to think more highly of who they are than what they do.

This all started when I was posting information on a subject that was from text from the SBS website. Yamia tried to claim that I don't own the site, which is totally stupid. But not willing to see example or listen to reason, this person decided to issue threats and not pay attention to the content of the text. So a relevant website or blog or text goes unpublished because of people like Yamia.

Wikipedia's a great source of information. People like Yamia do not check the source at all, they just use their own opinion, which they try to color as logic. Then, when you don't comply with their interpretation, they try to threaten you: "I'll ban you."

Come on.

Well, I could go on and on about this person. I'm done. I want Yamia removed from Wikipedia. ASAP I want to set an example for how Wikipedia nees to weed out overzealous gate-keepers.
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