Friday, November 19, 2010

Will Sarah Palin Ever Shut Up?

Former Alaska Governor and Fox News Analyst Sarah Palin has gained a lot of fame and wealth from what this blogger contends is a massively high level of anger over how the GOP, and the political establishment, attempted to cast her aside after her unsuccessful bid for Vice President, running with 2008 Presidential Candidate Arizona Senator John McCain.

The pair lost to now President Obama and Veep Joe Biden, but still, all we keep hearing about is Sarah Palin.

Fox News hosts Palin.  CNN, for some reason that prompts a conspiracy theory, keeps promoting Palin. But the American public is growing tired of Palin.

Now, with her claim that she can beat Obama in 2012, her classless blasts at First Lady Michelle Obama, and her daughter's anti-Gay flaming of a classmate, it's time to ask when will Sarah Palin and her family ever shut up?

The idea of Sarah Palin as political celebrity, once interesting, has now ran its course, and simply because Governor Palin has become too big for her own britches.   Let the record show, Palin's not done squat.

The last time this blogger checked, Governor Palin not only hasn't won an election since 2006, and over that time Palin proved she doesn't have the stomach to maintain elected office. Remember, she quit being Governor of Alaska on June 26, 2009.  Palin jumped ship before she could be booted out of office by Alaskan voters in the next election.

But somehow, all that was twisted into the improbable idea that Palin's ready to be President of The United States. This, even as Palin recently said she didn't want to be in a political office and preferred the outdoors of Alaska. Great, stay there.

Palin's Daughters Not White House Material

The idea that Sarah Palin is ready to be President is countered by the recent behavior of her daughters. Bristol and Willow Palin were caught by writing homophobic slurs against a classmate on Facebook. One commenter at tried to pass that off as "teen flaming," but we never saw Chelsea Clinton or the Obama girls do that, or anything close to it.

There's a standard of act and of expectations that come with being in the White House or even to ask the American Public to consider a family for it. Governor Palin' asking too much of America to even think of having her and her family in the White House. The idea is now a joke. The bottom line is Sarah Palin's a TV star, not a serious presidential contender.

And even TV's getting tired of her; not even her Fox colleagues back her new show on TLC Network:

That should be Palin's clue her star's fading. But if it's not, look at the negative reaction to Bristol Palin's advance on Dancing With The Stars. Personally, this blogger has nothing against Bristol Palin, but it's starting to look like she, like everything else Palin, is being pushed on America, against our will.

When will all of this stop.

When will Sarah Palin ever shut up?


  1. Anonymous5:02 AM

    Soon I hope. Good post.

  2. Anonymous5:58 AM

    Somehow, we have to stop paying any attention to anything she says, tweets, has someone write for her...let the right pay her all she can get for a stupid ranting speech.We don't care. Let Bristol unfairly win DWTS. We do not care. The left can stop this...we have to ignore her until she fades away. We can do this!

  3. Andy from Seattle7:02 AM

    Hey pal, --- calm down. Keep this up and your head will explode ..Sarah is more popular than ever. Last I read 67% of Americans love reading about Sarah and her family, That's why YOU wrote this poorly written article.

  4. Anonymous7:08 AM

    I love Sarah Palin and will vote for her over a community organizer and his Gaffe-Olympic VP EVERYTIME.

    And your "revealing" clip of the two liberal commentators blasting Sarah during a break while the host and the conservative sat in silence was BREATHTAKING! SHOCKING!

    I guess I cant blame you for being so ignorant, YOUR channels choose to never allow the other side to speak (thus the creation and success of the Fox News Channel).

  5. Err. What other side, Anonymous? The racists?

  6. John J11:57 AM

    Agreed, her recent activity is more consistent with Paris Hilton than a serious political contender.
    If Tea Party or GOP voters are wowed by someone with an outdoors show, and a list of catchy phrases, I wish them well.
    Maybe with 24/7 saturation they can realize that the roots she claims to represent are not the soccer mom/middle class, but the folks who earn $250K plus a year without working (through cap gains and dividends) and as such are taxed differently (less) than the folks who are really working to try and keep pace with the elite (top10%) in this country who own 48% of the wealth in this county.

  7. Anonymous3:59 PM

    Well, it would be a lot easier to take someone that wrote this article seriously if they wrote it grammatically correct and/or they were not writing an article AGAINST Sarah Palin. If you want to talk about unwarranted remarks against someone why don't we look to what was said about Sarah Palin when she courageously took up the trek to be the vice president? Now there would be a smart move. Next, it is one thing to say rude and untrue things about her, but trying to attack her by attacking her daughter makes no sense whatsoever. I implore anyone who reads this ridiculous article to look to the facts of what she has done and what she will do, not to what 'this blogger' seems to think they know.

  8. Anonymous11:38 PM

    You is being mocked at free republic Zennie. we can't let them racist crackers be able to get away w/ mocking people of color we needc to shut down there websites and close fox news, pronto!!

  9. Anonymous12:28 PM

    I think Palin is being pushed by the media because it increases viewership and readership. Think about it, without Palin, the upcoming presidential election season would be pretty dull compared to 2008. Presumably there will be no opposition to President Obama on the Democratic side. Without Palin, the Republican primaries (Romney, Pawlenty etc.) will generate little excitement. Palin would surely generate controversy and keep things stirred up with her outrageous statements and behavior. This is a very dangerous game to play with our country's future. If events transpired that allowed her to be elected, can you imagine what could happen with this mentally unstable women as President?

  10. Anonymous10:09 AM

    I think Ms Half a governor's daughter said it best, when told by her "loving mom" to bash the fish on the head, Bristol says "Shut Up...". "Better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt"? In Palin's case, it is simply too late!

  11. Sarah Palin will never shut up because she's enjoying the attention. She does have ADD you know.